Are you interested in enriching your view of the world by learning another language that can serve you in multiple aspects of your life and career? As a student at Brescia University, not only will you gain a firm grasp of the language but also a deeper understanding of the literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. By earning a Major or Minor in Spanish, you will gain a distinct advantage in employment opportunities in business, education, journalism, law, social work, and other fields.

Earning a degree in Spanish from Brescia will open new doors for you professionally and equip you for an increasingly multicultural world. Spanish is currently the second most spoken language in the U.S.!

By learning Spanish, you will be able to communicate, problem-solve, and even teach (with a degree in Spanish with P-12 Teacher Education Certification) in Spanish and English. There are also opportunities to study abroad, complete internships in organizations that need Spanish-speakers, and volunteer or participate in service projects. Come explore what speaking Spanish can do for you today!