Distinguished Alumni

The recognition of Distinguished Alumni was created to honor those Brescia University graduates who exemplify in their lives the elements that comprise The Brescia Difference: Respect for the Sacred, Devotion to Learning, Commitment to Growth in Virtue, and Promotion of Servant Leadership.

This prestigious annual award is the only one that the University bestows upon its alumni. All other alumni awards originate with the Alumni Association.

Since the award’s inception in 2000, Brescia University has bestowed this recognition on three to six alumni a year. The Distinguished Alumni represent an elite group of individuals selected because of the breadth and scope of their life’s work and the magnitude of their impact on the regional, national, and perhaps international scene. Their examples of service and leadership distinguish them among their peers and demonstrate that they are true stars of Brescia University.

Gallery of Distinguished Alumni

Wesley Acton ’60Charles Kamuf ’62Mary Lynn Tichenor ‘71
Evelyn Kennedy Ambrose ‘84Eric Kyle '92Carolyn Kempf Veigl ’80
Beverly A. McAuliffe Bisig ‘66Jason Kyle '96H. Drew Ward ’62
Sr. Joseph Angela Boone ’62Sr. Larrain Lauter ‘87Sister Mary Matthias Ward ‘66
Sr. Vivian Bowles ‘69Carl P. Lewis ‘91William Marvin Wathen ‘78*
Richard E. Brown ’72Jean Lorraine Lonergan ’58*Jim Weafer ‘02
Jamie Buskill ‘86Dianne M. Marcum ‘80Joyce Bittel Yeiser ’69
Kevin Carrico ‘86Patricia O’Malley McCarthy ‘58James E. Voyles ’65
Honorable Thomas Castlen ’76 Alfred Mattingly ‘69
Kevin J. Connelly ‘76Mary H.McFarland ‘62*
Dr. Paul Coomes '73John A. Meister ‘71
Mary Danhauer ‘76Joseph D. Moore ‘74
Arthur Ealum, Jr. ‘06Sr. Michele Morek ‘66
Denzil Edge ’67Donna Schueler Murphy ’81 & ‘88
Robert Earl Fischer ’62 James A. Mudd ‘59
George Frey ‘63Tara Henderson Parker ’74
Michael D. Gilles ‘75Ronald L. Payne ‘72
W. Gerald Gough ’63*H. Joseph O’Bryan ‘72
Sue Kuhn ’80 GoughLarry O’Bryan ’70
Carl V. Greenwell ‘73Sr. Rose Marita O’Bryan ‘65
J.C Hagan ‘68Sister Dianna Ortiz ’83
Michael C. Hagan ‘71Kathryn Raymer ‘93
Suzanne King Hagan ‘67Shirley Hawkins Raymond ‘69
Susan Kulka Hager ’66*Carolyn Reynolds ’89*
Susanne Wright Harris ‘79Roy ’68* and Vicki Duffy ’67 Roberts
Edward F. Hayden, Jr. ‘67Frank R. Schadler ’60*
Richard Higdon ‘86Michael J. Scherm ‘75
James T. Hines, Jr. ‘63*Marge ’57* and Bob Slack ’62
Gary D. Jackson ‘78Sr. Sharon Sullivan '75
Lisa Payne Jones ’93Ernest E. Taliaferro ‘70*Deceased