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Social and Behavioral Sciences Minors


A minor in history provides students with foundational knowledge of global and U.S. history along with the opportunity to study other historical periods and regions based on their personal interests.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours

Political Science

Students earning a political science minor learn about the discipline, the structure and processes of American government, international relations, and comparative political systems.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours

Pre-Law Studies

A minor in Pre-Law Studies offers students the opportunity to learn about American history and its government and legal system, how politics affects social issues; they also choose electives in history, philosophy, and political science, as well as study how to apply logic in their everyday lives.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours


Students who choose a Psychology minor are introduced to the discipline, study how human psychology develops from birth through old age, explore cognitive and abnormal psychology, and choose other psychology electives based on their interests.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours