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Center for Employee Advancement Strategies

The Center for Employee Advancement Strategies (CEAS) offers highly customized training courses focused on developing employee soft skills such as communication, decision-making, or critical thinking. We cater the courses fully and specifically to the partner organization’s needs.

Brescia’s CEAS courses focus on any and all  identified needs associated with the necessary soft skills of any group of employees and at any level of those skills (for example, managers, technicians, clerks, or administrative staff).  The courses include a high degree of hands-on, active, practical, and synchronous elements. The main goal of those courses is to build soft skills as habits that will stay with the employees throughout their careers, long after the course is over.  Therefore, one of the critical pieces of our courses involves building the mentality of a  life-long learner amongst our participants. 

To learn more contact, Anna Kuthy