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Brescia University Online was ranked 2nd best Online College in Kentucky for 2016-17 by Affordable Colleges Online. Schools were recognized for a balanced combination of affordability, academic rigor, support and flexibility.

Associate degrees

Associate of Science in Business

The online Business major at Brescia University provides students with an introduction to the basic business models and modern business practices. Students also learn skills needed for the conduct of business in a variety of organizations and environments.

Associate of Science in Psychology

The online Associate of Science in Psychology provides students an introduction to Psychology and provides a strong foundation for multiple career paths. Students can also continue on to the completely online Bachelor’s degree of Psychology and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology at Brescia University.

Associate of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies

The online Associate of Art or Science in Integrated Studies at Brescia University allows students the ability to create a customized program to help them meet their personal and career goals. Students experience a broad education and learn a number of critical skills, including communication and math literacy.

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts online associate degree provides students with a wide knowledge-base in areas of communication, language and literature, religion and philosophy, fine arts, natural science and math, and studies in social and behavioral sciences.

Associate of Arts in Human Services

Human Services is the study and provision of human and social services to individuals and communities. The Human Services associate degree prepares students for entry-level positions in a variety of human service agencies.

General Education Courses

Brescia University is bringing online general education courses to you! The online courses will provide an excellent alternative route to the exclusively on-campus general education courses and will decrease scheduling conflicts and gaps. Brescia’s online courses are the ideal way to maximize your time and realize your potential.

Bachelor degrees

Bachelor of Science in Business

The business world is competitive and fluid. As business models and theories evolve, so must the skills of today’s business men and women. If your career is starting to stagnate, stir things up by going back to school. The Bachelor of Science in Business from Brescia University is administered fully online by faculty members who are experienced and accomplished in the field.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The online Bachelor of Science in Business degree offered at Brescia University is designed with the adult student in mind. The online business degree can be completed all while attending class and completing assignments from the convenience of your own computer wherever and whenever you choose.

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies

The Bachelor of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies is designed to offer students the freedom and responsibility to develop individualized programs. Upon completion of Integrated Studies requirements, the B.A. or B.S. degree is conferred according to the university standards for those degrees.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology with Emphasis in Pastoral Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology with Emphasis in Pastoral Studies Degree Completion Program delivers efficient and high quality courses in theology and pastoral studies. This online degree completion provides an avenue for church volunteers and ministers to complete their degrees in theology.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

The Bachelor of Social Work Program provides degree-seeking students with the knowledge required for the social work field, as well as opportunities for practical application.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Bachelors of Psychology degree completion program provides students with advanced training in Psychology and provides a foundation for multiple career paths including business, law school, social science, behavior sciences, and more.

Master degrees

Master of Social Work

For decades, Brescia University’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences has brought you leading education in the field of Social Work with their Bachelor degree completion program. Brescia University is now offering their Master of Social Work (MSW) degree fully online.

Master of Science in Management (MSM)

The Online MSM is a 2-year, 32 credit-hour program designed to provide early and mid-career professionals with enhanced skills and abilities to prepare them for social and ethical responsibility.

Certificate in Accounting Program – Post-Baccalaureate

Brescia University offers an accelerated online certificate program in accounting that is designed specifically for persons who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in another field. Those individuals who cannot participate in traditional classrooms can now take accounting courses online.