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Business Minors


The minor in Accounting is designed for non-Business majors who might want to obtain accounting and related business skills for a successful career in another discipline. The program includes a year each of introductory and intermediate accounting along with other accounting and/or business electives.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours


A Business minor, not open to Business or Accounting majors, offers students an opportunity to learn basic business principles and skills for whatever career path they choose. Students receive a foundation in accounting, business statistics, finance, management, and marketing.

Total Requirements: 27 credit hours


The minor in Finance/Economics offers interested non-Business majors an opportunity to learn about economics, banking, investments, and finance.

Total Requirements: 24 credit hours

Sports Management

This minor offers students who might be interested in non-performance sports-related careers the opportunity to get an overview and introduction to significant elements of sports management. The program includes foundational business courses that would contribute to a successful career in this field.

Total Requirements: 27 credit hours