Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty and Staff

Besing, Rachel C., Associate Professor of Psychology and holder of the Fr. Charles Saffer Chair, B.S., University of Southern Indiana; Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham

Farina, Mike, Assistant Professor and Director of the Clinical Psychology Program, B.A., Pontifical College Josephinum, M.A.E., Western Kentucky University, Ph.D., University of Louisville 

Goodlett-Collins, Donna, Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology/Audiology, B.S., Spalding University, M.S., University of Louisville Medicine

Griffin, Christopher, Assistant Professor of History, B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., Florida State University

Hess, Julie, Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology, B.A., and M.A., Western Kentucky University;  Doctorate, Nova Southeastern University

Kuthy, Daniel, Assistant Professor of Political Science, B.A., University of Virginia; M.A., Old Dominion University; Ph.D., Georgia State University

Landen, Paul, Associate Professor in Psychology, B.S., and B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University; M.A.P., Marygrove College; M.Ed., Ferris State University

Will, Vicki Tinsley, Social and Behavioral Sciences Division Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology, B.A., Brescia College; M.A., University of Alabama; doctoral studies (A.B.D), University of Alabama