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Housing Policies

Responsibility to Comply with Residence Life Policies

The Brescia University Residence Life program is a co-curricular educational program that is an integral part of the University’s educational mission. The purpose of the program is to facilitate development of character and leadership skills of individual student residents while teaching the students about the balance of personal freedom with responsibility to community. This is accomplished by encouraging student residents placed in the program to take part in forming a residential community of students where personal behavior consistent with Christian/Catholic moral principles, virtues and the Brescia University
Charter of Values is encouraged through activities and policies.

The policies contained in this section have special applicability to on-campus student residences. They are applicable to residents as well as to all visitors. Policies contained in the other sections of the Student Code of Conduct also apply to all residents and visitors.

Residents are also responsible for all terms and conditions stipulated in Housing Contract they have signed with the University. Any violation of the Housing Contract is considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Violators are subject to conduct sanctions.

Residence Halls

Merici Hall is an air-conditioned residence hall that features single and double occupancy rooms, a laundry, a recreation room, and kitchenettes. Each room has connections for cable television and computer. Saffer Hall is an air-conditioned, single occupancy residence hall, featuring laundry, lounges, and kitchenettes. Each room has cable television and computer connections. Young Hall and Trustees Hall (University Apartments) are air-conditioned apartment buildings consisting of 12 units each containing 5 single bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room, coin-operated laundry and 2 full bathrooms. Each bedroom and living room has cable TV, phone, and computer connections.

Residence Life Staff

The Office of Residence Life works closely with students, faculty, and staff to help students achieve their educational goals. Brescia University employs students as Resident Assistants (RAs) to assist resident students, explain University policies and safety procedures; enforce University rules and regulations; listen to student concerns and respond as appropriate to them; plan hall activities, and serve as a liaison to the Director of Residence Life. RAs, as paraprofessional members of the Residence Life and Student Affairs Departments, are the University’s first-line contact with students. They participate in a training session prior to the opening of the fall semester, with additional training provided throughout the academic year. Information on becoming a Resident Assistant may be obtained at the Office of Residence Life.

Eligibility for Brescia University Residence Life Program

General Eligibility Requirements: Brescia reserves the right to limit placement in its residence life program to those students who meet its eligibility requirements, whether set forth in the Brescia University Student Handbook or the Housing Contract. The University also reserves the right to review the status of any student placed in the program who fails to maintain any eligibility requirements while a student resident. In such a case, the review will be conducted by the Dean of Students who has authority to reassign the student to another residence facility of the University’s choosing; suspend the student from on-campus housing; immediately and permanently remove the student and the student’s possessions from on-campus housing; or impose other appropriate terms or conditions for continued residence. To be eligible for placement into Brescia University’s Residence Life program, the student must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours) at the University. Students enrolled on a part-time basis at the time of the application may be considered for placement in Brescia University’s Residence Life Program at the discretion of the Dean of Students. Any student who has a criminal history must make full disclosure to the University at the time of application to the Residence Life Program. Brescia University reserves the right to at any time require the student to undergo a criminal background check as a condition of placement. Brescia University reserves the right to refuse placement to or remove any student when it has reasonable cause to believe the student is dangerous to himself/herself and/or others or is otherwise unsuitable for its residence life program.

Application for On-Campus Student Housing

New Students: The Office of Admissions furnishes all new students with on-campus student housing applications at the time of their acceptance to Brescia University. Currently Enrolled Students: Each year, housing sign-ups for currently enrolled students takes place in the spring semester under the supervision of the Director of Residence Life. The process begins with informational notifications where participants receive information about deadlines, eligibility, and sign-up procedures. Housing Deposit: A $100 housing deposit is payable at the time of application. Applications received without the required deposit will not be processed.

Requirements of Residents

Living on-campus is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to live in and be a part of a community of scholars and learners. Research at colleges and universities across the country indicates on-campus students are significantly more likely than their off-campus peers to succeed academically, to be involved in campus activities, to graduate and to feel positive about their college experience. For these reasons, Brescia University (like most private and many public colleges and universities) has
a policy requiring students to live on-campus.

Brescia University requires that all first time, traditional age (17-19 years old) students live on campus for the first two semesters of their freshman year. Students over the age of 19 are required to live on campus unless one of the following conditions are met and a review is conducted by the Dean of Students following a review of the student’s financial aid, academic, and student conduct records:

For the entire period in question, the student live with his/her parents or court appointed legal guardian
and commute from a distance no greater than 50 miles;

  • The student is a veteran with one or more years of active service;
  • The student is 23 years of age or older at the time of admittance to the University;
  • The student is married. Students with plans to marry during the time they are required to live on
    campus will be required to live on-campus up to the date of the wedding.
  • The student is the legal custodial parent or court appointed custodial guardian of a minor, child or
    children; or
  • The student has previously lived on campus for eight (8) consecutive semesters.
    Athletes attending Brescia University and receiving institutional aid are required to live in campus
    housing unless they are living with parents, family members, guardian, or spouse and can supply
    a notarized letter of proof.

Brescia University reserves the right to consider each request to live off-campus on a case-by-case
basis, and to request and receive any and all documentation deemed necessary to verify the information
submitted with the request. Students are advised not to enter into any off campus lease or rental agreement
before the University makes its determination with regard to the student’s request. The determination
made by the Dean of Students with regard to all requests is final.

Residence Life Services
Brescia University furnishes all student residence hall rooms and apartments. Students will need to supply items such as desk lamps, trashcans, alarm clocks, laundry supplies, and personal items and school supplies. Students may bring small refrigerators, if needed. Microwaves are available in the kitchenettes but are not permitted in Residence Hall rooms or outside of the kitchen area in Apartments and Houses. Video game consoles/Internet capable devices other than computers: The Brescia University information technology department will assist students with connecting devices which are compatible with the institution’s network hardware. In Young and Trustees, there will be a limit of one device per apartment unit. In Merici and Saffer, a limit of three per floor on a first-come first-serve basis, and one per theme house, only if the house hardware supports such. The IT department reserves the right to decline setting up any device which may use excessive resources or cause interruptions the resources provided.

Maintenance requests may be submitted by residents to their RA or to the Director of Residence Life who direct these to the appropriate department. A submitted request gives maintenance staff permission to enter the student’s room or apartment for repairs. The University provides housekeeping services in the common areas. Students clean their own rooms. The Residence Life Staff may arrange for health and safety inspections during the course of the academic year. NOTE: Students living in the apartments are responsible for all cleaning within the apartment.

Letters and packages mailed to a resident student should be address as follows:
Student’s Name
Brescia University
717 Frederica St.
Owensboro, KY 42301-3023

Residence Halls close for Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Spring Break (check the academic calendar for specific dates). During these times, students are expected to leave the campus. Students who must, for appropriate reasons, remain on campus over vacation periods are to make arrangements with the Director of Residence Life. During the closure times there is no food service, no visitation, and no receptionist on duty. Typically, the residence halls close at 6 PM following the last contract meal and open the day before classes resume. During breaks, those not required by the University to remain on campus will be charged a daily fee.

New students must return a Health Evaluation Form and Immunization Form to the Director of Residence Life. The University encourages resident students and their families to share confidentially with the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students any medical information that is critical for understanding behavior and care giving in case of emergencies. Immunizations required for students must be obtained prior to moving on campus include Meningitis and Hepatitis A & B.