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Social and Behavioral Sciences Majors

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Speech-language pathologists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat problems related to speech sound production, comprehension and production of language, cognition, voice, stuttering, swallowing, and hearing for individuals across the lifespan that result from various etiologies.  Brescia offers a pre-professional Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in the area of speech-language pathology and audiology that encompasses classroom learning and field or practicum experiences that embrace individuality among students pursuing their education in a positive learning environment.

Total Requirements: 120 credit hours


History is a basic discipline in any liberal arts education, with its goal to help students understand the development of the cultures, societies, and ideas that have formed the world we live in. In addition, the study of history provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers, including law, teaching, journalism, and government.

Total Requirements: 120 credit hours

Political Science

Political science studies the relationships between governments and individuals, group behaviors related to domestic and international conflict and cooperation; processes and parties involved in domestic policymaking; and issues and actors involved in the international environment. Political science also helps students understand what their rights and responsibilities are as citizens of our localities, states, countries, and the world. The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree presents students with an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dominant fields within the political science discipline. The degree prepares students for a wide spectrum of jobs in local, state, and federal governments; domestic and international nonprofit organizations; law, business, and journalism sectors, and educates them to become responsible and knowledgeable citizens. Furthermore, students who choose to continue their education beyond a bachelor’s degree will be well equipped for graduate schools focused on professional, research, and teaching programs.

In addition to a general political science degree, students can choose an emphasis in either American Government/Public Administration or International Relations.

Total Requirements: 120 credit hours


As part of a liberal arts education, the Psychology major will help students to gain a general knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. The general goal of the program is to offer students a foundation in the history, principles, and methods of the science of psychology. Specifically, a psychology major at Brescia University has three goals: 1) to provide the student with the opportunity to study the ways in which psychology describes and explains both animal and human behavior; 2) to provide the student the opportunity to learn how psychology is applied, and 3) to provide students contemplating graduate training in psychology a solid undergraduate foundation. These goals are accomplished by the treatment of theory, the application of theory, research methodology in various psychology courses, and the opportunity for first-hand experience in the practical applications of psychological principles in the field.

Total Requirements: 120 credit hours

Social Studies

The social studies degree is an interdisciplinary program dealing with various dimensions of the person. Such a degree provides a broader perspective than can be developed in a single discipline, and/or provides the secondary teacher with competencies in several areas.

Social Studies with Secondary Teacher Certification

This major allows students to obtain Secondary Teacher Certification (grades 8-12) along with a Social Studies major.

Total Requirements: 128 credit hours