Fine Arts Majors


Students choosing to pursue a major in Art are provided an opportunity to work with a variety of media so they may explore, develop, and emphasize their own individual skill set.  The program is designed not only to enhance the student’s technical skills, but also to cultivate an awareness of the historical and cultural value of art, aesthetics, and a personal approach to technique, composition, and subject matter in selected studio areas. Students may choose a concentration in any of the following areas: Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, or Stained Glass.

Total Requirements: 120 credit hours

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program concentrates on the technical skills and creative problem solving techniques necessary to be successful in the design and advertising field. Relevant professional software packages are utilized to complete projects based on client criteria and marketing concepts. Design elements include, but are not limited to, typography, print media, website design and hosting, and digital animation. The Graphic Design program is supported by a foundation of fine arts foundation classes and electives.

Total Requirements: 120 credit hours

Teacher Education

Students may combine a major in Art with preparation for a Kentucky Teacher Certification to teach grades 9-12 (optional endorsement for elementary grades available) to pursue a career in art education. Brescia University School of Education (SOE) candidates are challenged to become professional educators committed to ethics, advocacy, service, and lifelong learning. Graduates serve with distinction in school systems throughout the country. All School of Education programs are approved by Kentucky’s Education Professional Standards Board.

Total Requirements: 133 credit hours