Brescia University Announces “The O’Bryan Scholars Program”

Brescia University has learned that the source of an anonymous $1 Million gift in 2010 was Henry E. and Mary Williams LaRue O’Bryan.  In February 2016, the children of the O’Bryan’s came forward after the passing of their father in October 2015.  With the announcement of the donor’s identity came the establishment of The O’Bryan Scholars Program.  Students selected to participate in the program have been awarded the Henry E. and Mary Williams LaRue O’Bryan Endowed Business Scholarship after undergoing a rigorous application and interview process.

“Our parents knew the value of a college education and made sure that we understood same.  My four brothers and I were always encouraged to work hard, think independently and rely on our God given talents to succeed in today’s world.  A college education facilitates this process.  This gift was made so that others could have an opportunity at a quality business school education.  Brescia University presents that opportunity.  The legacy of Mom and Dad will be carried forward by the successes of all O’Bryan Scholarship recipients,” says Dr. William O’Bryan, son of the O’Bryan’s and local pulmonologist.

Brescia University is pleased to announce the following students have been named “O’Bryan Scholars” for the 2016/2017 academic year:  Reagan Calloway, Darian Curry, Savannah Marxberry, Justin Roberts, Jessica Robinson, Samantha Steckler, and Savannah Stivers.  All are business majors.

In addition to receiving the endowed scholarship, the O’Bryan Scholars will be inaugural members of Brescia University’s AMP (Alumni Mentoring Program).  AMP seeks to foster positive experiences for students to supplement their classroom education by pairing them with accomplished alumni mentors who can demonstrate application of concepts along with practical skill sets.  This relationship is intended to link curriculum to professional experience it is also intended to provide moral support, professional guidance and personal, practical advice.  The goal is to directly connect current students with alumni to establish a meaningful, lasting relationship throughout the span of the student’s academic career.

“I have always been grateful for the business scholarship. This scholarship was actually the deciding factor for me to attend Brescia. I loved the environment and the family style community, but I needed funding to make it a possibility and that scholarship was the funding I needed. Now knowing the name of the donors combine with the AMP, I think it will be a great experience getting to know the family and the alumni and to work with them. I am very excited to proceed with this program,” said Savannah Stivers, senior recipient of the O’Bryan scholarship.

“I am delighted that we are able to honor the story of Mr. and Mrs. O’Bryan.  They were lifelong friends of Brescia and truly recognized the power of a college education.  Their support and beliefs align so well with our mission to transform the individual, and as a result, our society, through education.  I am honored that they chose Brescia University as a place to leave their legacy,” said Fr. Larry Hostetter, President.

Prospective students interested in becoming an O’Bryan Scholar may contact the Office of Enrollment at 270-685-3131.