Build a Foundation With an Associate Degree in Business Administration

Popular degree positions graduates for career, continued education

Today’s job market is seeing a swift shift toward a knowledge-based economy in cities across the country. As technology becomes an integral part of the operational success of both small and large businesses, employers and hiring managers are seeking college-educated and qualified candidates to fill new and vacant positions. Build a foundation for yourself and your career with an Associate Degree in Business Administration.

A New Career Begins With a Degree

Job markets across the country are loosening up, and employers are ready to hire. However, these same employers expect more out of the candidates applying, including a college degree. Maximize your potential and invest in your future with a college degree from Brescia University. An Associate Degree in Business Administration provides you with a solid foundation in the principles of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing and information systems. A degree will also help to build integral skills, such as communication and leadership skills, that will serve to provide you with a well-rounded education.

Students who do not have much time but do have ambition will thrive in Brescia University’s associate degree program, as students can complete it in two years and Brescia offers it online for added convenience and flexibility. This alternative learning platform allows you to maintain your full-time job and your commitments to family, church, friends and community while you complete your degree. Sign in and log on when it is convenient for you.

An Associate Degree in Business Administration is also ideal for students considering earning a bachelor’s degree at some point later in their career. Brescia University will transfer credits earned during an associate degree program and apply them toward a bachelor’s degree, allowing you to continue your education and fast-track new career opportunities. For students seeking management and advanced career opportunities, a bachelor’s degree is often the education requirement. Many employers will help you earn your bachelor’s degree through tuition reimbursement.


A new career is within reach when you enroll in an associate degree program at Brescia University.