An Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts Is a Holistic Approach to Education

Liberal Arts degree focuses on well-rounded graduates

The average employee in today’s workforce is expected to be a jack-of-all-trades. Employers seek talented and qualified candidates who possess an array of competencies and aptitudes that include more than simply the ability to perform the job at hand. Hiring managers want candidates who have a well-rounded skill set, including communication and leadership skills, strong judgment and ethics, strategic problem solving capabilities and at least a basic understanding of business and technology. An Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts takes a holistic approach to a two-year degree preparing students with a comprehensive understanding of today’s business environment and positioning them for career success.

More Than Just Another Degree

An Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts provides students with more than just another degree. It focuses on shaping the whole person rather than narrowing his or her educational and personal development down to a single subject area. The Liberal Arts degree takes a unique approach to education by creating a dynamic learning experience focused on a broad scope of subject areas designed to create well-rounded professionals who are better prepared to enter a competitive and complex workforce. Students of this two-year degree program are presented with a broad knowledge base in areas of communication, language and literature, religion and philosophy, fine arts, natural sciences, math, and studies in social and behavioral sciences.

Students are also effectively positioned to continue their education beyond an associate degree when they enroll in a liberal arts program. The instructional foundation earned through an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts is an ideal gateway for pursing a bachelor’s degree in an array of subject areas. You can seamlessly transfer credits earned through this degree program toward an advanced degree, helping to accelerate your continued educational efforts. Meanwhile, students grow both professionally and personally through their associate degree program.