What makes a good social or human services worker?

Social work values are built on compassion, integrity and education

Although the job and function in a human services organization is mainly based on the specifics of the environment, type of cases and the fabric of the population served, there are a few common technical qualifiers for a good, or even great, social worker. An associate degree in human services provides these qualifiers:

  1. Evaluating the situational motivation and actions of individuals, groups, organizations, communities and society, and how they interact in a given environment. Selecting and implementing proper strategies for positive interaction outcomes.
  2. Understanding the major human systems and what influences the deviation and alteration to proper functioning, as well as cause–effect relation and adopting specific methods of crisis management and treatment.
  3. Understanding and applying proper interventions models to help clients improve a given situation and attain a desired outcome. Interventions may include assistance, referral, advocacy, or direct counseling.
  4. Exhibiting consistent behavior in selecting intervention methods and crisis management models that are consistent with the highest values in Human Service profession.

If you demonstrate the above listed qualities, you are considered a good social worker, without a doubt. But if you add compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness to everything you do and to the way you approach your job and mission, you will be considered a great social worker and human services specialist.

How can you gain the knowledge you need to become a great social worker?
Well, it’s very simple: either many-many years of on-the-job experience (learning the hard way) or college education (learning the smart way). An associate in human services will get you started on the path to your future social work career. Within 18 months you can acquire all basic knowledge and skills necessary to develop into a great professional.

From there, the sky is the limit!
If you are interested in pursuing a career in social work or human services, start by earning an associate degree from Brescia University. It’s accelerated, convenient and affordable.