Why Give?

Jacob Whitfill ’16

“It wasn’t until I graduated and learned about the Society of the Arch that I realized it was the commitment and generosity of donors to the Annual Fund that granted me the many opportunities I had at Brescia and helped me achieve my degree through scholarships. Now, through my own giving as a member of the Society of the Arch, I hope to inspire and support others through the Annual Fund, the same that it helped me.”

Carl ’73 and Molly ’75 Greenwell

“Brescia University made a difference in our lives and now we can help continue that tradition of making a difference in students’ lives through our support of the Annual Fund and our involvement with Brescia University.”

Cameron Robinson ’18

“If it were not for the generosity of donors to the Annual Fund, Brescia would not be the special place it is. Yearly donations—which are more of investments—allow for the continuation of academic excellence in the life of each student that decides to make Brescia their home. These same investments also promote a growth in servant leadership within the students at Brescia. The hope is that once a student has completed their time at Brescia they will be able to examine the world in a critical way, but also each student will be a more well-rounded person who understands the importance of community and giving back to others. Whether Brescia helped shape your life through your own educational experience, or if you have seen the positive impact of Brescia education through friends, family, or the community, you give because you see the value and importance of what we do. These invaluable investments will empower future generations to work hard and change the world a little at a time. The students of Brescia thank you for your continued support and investment into their lives.”

Alex Satterfield, current student

“Many people assume that small universities cannot provide students with the same opportunities as larger, more well-known schools, but my experience at Brescia has proven otherwise. Attending Brescia University has allowed me to build relationships with professors who have gone above and beyond to help me secure internships and speaking engagements both locally and internationally, thus giving me an advantage in my field. The sense of community that is created by our small numbers is the ideal atmosphere for us students to feel encouraged to pursue any and every future-oriented goal we may have, knowing we will have the full support of the faculty, staff, student body, and university donors. The reason smaller schools are still so successful is because they are more aware of, and can easily respond to, students’ needs from one year to the next. Therefore, the Brescia Difference is the reality of students being more than numbers in a classroom. At Brescia, we all have an equal chance to not only make our mark, but to leave behind a legacy for those who follow us to continue building upon.”

Kevin Carrico ’86

“My ‘Brescia Experience’ provided the foundation to who I am. The influence of former professors, coaches and fellow students still reflects on me today….and I owe it all to Brescia. I’m the second of three generations in my family that graduated from Brescia. Now that I recently became a grandparent, needless to say the recruiting has begun in making it four generations of Carricos to graduate from Brescia University.”