Brescia University Offers Catholic Connection Grant to St. Catharine Students

As a fellow Catholic institution, Brescia University is saddened to hear of the closing of St. Catharine College in St. Catharine, Kentucky.

“The staff and faculty of Brescia University’s thoughts and prayers are with the students at St. Catharine as they make this sudden transition,” stated Father Larry Hostetter, President. “We understand as a small university, that students often see their collegiate home as a family and know that the decision to find a new “home” will be a difficult one for the students at St. Catharine. We would like to assist in reducing the stress of this process with our Catholic Connection Grant and open our doors to anyone who may be interested in coming to Brescia University.”

Any student enrolled at St. Catharine College in Spring 2016 who applies and gains admission to Brescia University to continue their college career in Fall 2016 will qualify for Brescia University’s Catholic Connection Grant, a 50% tuition discount.

Students who receive the Catholic Connection Grant must live on campus, be enrolled full-time, and cannot combine the Grant with a Brescia University academic scholarship. This Grant is renewable for up to 8 semesters.

“At Brescia University, we have always paid particular attention to the individuality of our students. Our students are never merely a name on a roster, and we take pride in knowing our students, in creating an atmosphere of community where all students are welcome to fully participate in the life of the campus, and to provide all of the resources and opportunities they need to find success in their lives. We want the students at St. Catharine to have this experience, whether that is on our campus or on another campus,” said Hostetter.

Brescia University is the only Catholic University in Western Kentucky and has a proud religious and liberal arts heritage that dates back to 1925.

For more information on the transfer process, students are encouraged to email [email protected] to speak with one of our admissions staff.