Empty Bowls Application

Empty Bowls of Owensboro 2019 Application

Please submit this application by March 6th to be considered as a recipient for the Empty Bowls of Owensboro 2019 fundraiser event.
  • For your application to be considered it must include this information on a separate page. •Include what a typical day looks like? •Why do you do what you do? •Who does your program serve? •What is the goal of your program? •What community need(s) does your program serve? •Is there anything unique and/or innovative about your program? •How long have you been serving the hungry in this area?
  • By submission of this application, your organization agrees to:

    A). If selected as a recipient organization of this year’s funding, a representative must attend this year’s Empty Bowls event for presentation of the award and be prepared to talk about your organization’s program and proposed plans for the funding (5-10 minutes), and B). A representative must attend next year’s Empty Bowls event to describe how the funds were actually used. Please type your name in the box below to indicate your agreement and application submission.