Our Philosophy

In affirmation of the principle of academic freedom and with respect for the individual conscience and religious liberty, the University welcomes faculty, staff and students of all faiths to share in the pursuit of its mission. Brescia University identifies the key concepts of its mission in the following manner:


As a Catholic Institution, Brescia University shares the contemporary church mission to proclaim the gospel, uphold human dignity, participate in God’s ongoing creation and serve others. In fulfilling this church mission, the University seeks to preserve and enrich the Catholic tradition of dialogue between faith and reason in the pursuit of truth in a manner that is open to and respectful of all faith traditions. As an Ursuline institution, Brescia University embodies the Ursuline core values of community, leadership, justice and service and seeks to instill these values in students.

Brescia University provides its students with:

  • a faith community on campus, including Ursuline sisters, which serves as a basis for pastoral care
  • courses in theology, philosophy, ministry and spirituality
  • opportunities for religious expression and faith enhancement
  • opportunities to prepare for ministerial service within the Church

Liberal Arts

Faithful to the Ursuline academic tradition, Brescia University provides a quality liberal arts education that shapes the whole person and is characterized by the search for truth and beauty. Those educated in the tradition of St. Angela Merici aspire to an independence of spirit, a creative adaptability to change and an openness to life-long learning. Thus, Brescia University seeks a partnership of all its members to impart to its students the knowledge, skills and values befitting a free, educated person.

As articulated in its educational outcomes, Brescia University provides its students with:

  • General Education Requirements that establish a strong foundation for achieving educational outcomes
  • components in all majors that deepen and refine the achievement of these outcomes; and
  • a co-curriculum that complements these liberal arts goals of the General Education requirements and majors.

Career Preparation

While the University enhances the career preparation of its students by providing them with a quality liberal arts education, it also keeps the academic programs in tune with the job market to assure the employability of its graduates. In addition, all academic advisors counsel their majors about career opportunities in their field and prepare them for entry into growth in those careers.

Brescia University provides students with:

  • ongoing development and evaluation of academic programs to correspond with employment trends;
  • preparation and opportunities for graduate school;
  • opportunities for practicums and internships; and
  • the Career Development Program, which helps secure employment or admission to graduate school.

Service to Others

Since its relocation to Owensboro beginning in the 1940s, when the Ursuline Sisters began offering classes at the request of the local community, Brescia University has established a history of serving Owensboro and the surrounding region.

In keeping with the Ursuline tradition of service with the gospel call to a life of witness and service, Brescia University provides:

  • clubs, class activities and majors directed to community service;
  • campus resources, including personnel and facilities, to serve the community; and
  • support for faculty, staff and student participation in community and professional organizations.