Brescia University Announces Workforce Development Initiative

Brescia University has announced a Workforce Development Initiative that will help businesses provide their employees skills in critical thinking, communication, and life-long learning. Currently, the University is running highly customizable 10-week courses, with flexible hours of synchronous, virtual instructor-guided student work, ranging from 3 to 5 hours per week. Course prices are flexible and affordable.

Focused on critical thinking, effective communication, and information literacy, Brescia’s program pushes forward employee skills vital to running a successful organization in the framework of holistic, student-centered learning.  Employees who strengthen these skills are able to make decisions quickly, share creative yet practical ideas in a team setting, advance as effective leaders, and benefit their place of business through their own continuous development.

Dr. Anna Kuthy, Ursuline Center for Teaching and Learning Director and Project Coordinator, said of the initiative, “We all play vital roles in our communities, the immediate and the broader ones.  And we all are responsible for the wellbeing of those communities.” Dr. Kuthy continues, “Courses such as these help to develop critical thinking which is necessary to see where one fits in life, where one wants to go in life, what one is all about in their existence. On the professional side, almost all, if not all employers, want their teams to solve problems or puzzles of sorts.  You cannot do that without solid critical thinking skills.  As a supervisor or an employee, you must have solid critical thinking skills to be effective in your job.”

Brescia faculty design programs which address the needs identified by the organization.  Brescia works in collaboration with the leadership to offer a teaching and learning environment fit to the culture of the organization, and focused on the particular needs and characteristics of its employees. In preparation for success in an ever-changing environment, employees learn how to adapt, adjust, and solve complex problems in the commitment to life-long learning. This active learning program is delivered virtually, with extensive synchronous learning opportunities to actively learn with and from their coworkers and Brescia faculty.  

For more information, contact Dr. Anna Kuthy at [email protected] or 270.686.4277.