Brescia University Partnering with the Department of Family and Juvenile Services

Brescia University Career Services is Partnering with the Department of Family and Juvenile Services Court Designated Worker Diversion Program. The program, Get the Gig, will teach participants how you fill out job applications, interview, and how to keep the job they want. Over six sessions, the Brescia University Director of Career Services, will host forty-minute sessions either in person or virtual.

“Career Services is excited to partner with the Court Designated Worker Diversion Program to provide job skill training to the youth in Owensboro. I am fortunate to work at a University that allows me to serve the community while also doing something I am very passionate about,” stated Director of Career Services Morgan Russelburg.

The program will address the four antisocial aspects that might impact the participants. The program will teach participants about boundaries and expectations, connect participants with new people and community support, aid the participant in developing new views on life and opportunities, provide knowledge to increase confidence in goal setting and inspiration to achieve them, and give the participants a positive interaction. Each session will focus on a different experience within the job search. Russelburg will teach a group of ten to fifteen participants about job applications, hold mock interviews, teach them about the job market, and give them the tools needed for success.