Church Jobs at a Glance

Church Jobs

Many career paths provide an opportunity to serve God, but church jobs offer a direct way to apply and explore your faith in your work. Working in the church allows you to pursue your calling in ministry, religious education and other areas.

Before applying for a career in the church, you’ll most likely need at least an educational background in theology or ministry, such as Brescia University’s online BA in Theology with emphasis in Pastoral Studies. It’s a comprehensive way to prepare for a career in a faith-based profession within the church.

Here are a few examples of church jobs that you can pursue after obtaining your bachelor’s degree:

Coordinator/Director of Religious Education

A religious education coordinator or director implements a parish’s plan for children and families to support lifelong formation in the faith. This role helps develop education programs and ministries from preschool to high school (if applicable), including catechetical sessions, prayer opportunities and service to others.

Position responsibilities can include:

  • Articulating a vision of catechesis and the catechetical process
  • Informing the parish staff and leadership about documents and developments related to religious education and family faith formation
  • Representing the parish in diocesan and regional efforts to promote and educate about religious formation or children and family faith formation
  • Utilizing appropriate methodologies of adult- and child-centered learning
  • Incorporating service opportunities in catechetical programs for adults, adolescents and children
  • Conducting program evaluations and assessments to determine effectiveness of opportunities
  • Participating in the parish process for creating of annual religious education and family faith formation budget

Youth Minister

Youth ministry is a purpose-driven career that involves advocating a vision of comprehensive youth ministry (typically sixth through 12th grade) within a parish. The youth minister works with adolescence and can perform other tasks, such as traveling to other communities or countries for mission trips. The trips are designed to teach youth of the congregation to help others in need and to spread the Gospel.

Position responsibilities can include:

  • Facilitating a youth leadership core team, which helps plan, implement and evaluate a comprehensive youth ministry program
  • Participating and giving input at regular meetings at the parish pastoral council
  • Coordinating the recruitment, training and evaluation of volunteers in the youth ministry programs
  • Fostering the involvement of young people in the life of the parish
  • Coordinating the outreach to and evangelization of all adolescents in the parish

Campus Minister

The campus minister provides spiritual and academic development in the Catholic faith through faith formation programming and service opportunities. Campus ministers can be employed at schools, colleges and universities. Campus ministry marks the crossroads of Church and higher education, according to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Position responsibilities can include:

  • Developing curriculum for student discussion groups and faith formation community
  • Coordinating community service outings with area nonprofits, churches, care centers and more
  • Overseeing department campus club activities and events
  • Setting up weekend and daily masses when needed

Pursuing a Career in the Church

If you have a passion to serve Christ and help people with their spiritual formation, then one of the above church jobs may be for you. There are several additional opportunities in church settings that support the church and make use of a theological/pastoral education.

Brescia University’s online Theology degree program is offered entirely online. This degree provides a background in theology and pastoral studies and is an avenue to entering the above careers and other leadership positions in the church. Discover how you can fulfill God’s purpose for you through your career.