5 Rewarding Theology Jobs

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Many people choose to study religion as a meaningful way to improve their professional prospects while deepening their faith. Those who study theology can be skilled professionals in a variety of career paths. In general, theology degree programs focus on preparing students for leadership roles in their religious organization or church. They provide the biblical knowledge to guide and counsel others while assisting them in spiritual development, regardless of the specific job requirements.

Many students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in theology go on to become ministers and other religious faith leaders, but there are numerous other opportunities in education, nonprofit work and more. In addition to studying the Bible, students in theology degree programs may complete coursework in pastoral ministry, world religions, contemporary issues and more. No matter what your career goals are, earning a degree in theology can prepare you for a meaningful job in a field that aligns with your personal talents and interests. The following are just some of the careers you can pursue after earning your Bachelor of Arts in Theology from BUonline.


Lots of students desire to start a career as a missionary. Missionaries travel to different countries or regions across the United States to effect positive change within communities. This can include building schools and housing, conducting Bible studies or devotional meetings and spreading their faith. A career as a missionary will likely involve moving from place to place, depending on where your particular organization focuses its efforts. In addition, you may find work at a local church or community center. Many missionaries start out by working with more experienced individuals to learn effective strategies and gain the skills necessary to work on their own.

Fundraising specialist

Another career option for theology students is a fundraising specialist. Since raising money has become a major part of growth for many nonprofit organizations and churches, professionals with the expertise to generate donations are more in-demand than ever. Fundraising specialists work for social services agencies and stay in contact with government agencies as well as corporate organizations to arrange donations and grants. They are responsible for explaining how funding will be put to use in order to benefit the community. This role involves both public speaking and sales.

Volunteer recruiter

Organizations like hospitals, schools and churches all rely on volunteers to keep their services running smoothly. This is why it is important that they maintain a steady supply of volunteers to staff and maintain programs. Skilled volunteer recruiters are able to find volunteers for various roles within organizations by going out into the community and networking, as well as training volunteers before they begin serving. Another important aspect of volunteer recruitment is the ability to work with existing volunteers, ensuring they are happy in the work they do and keeping up morale among the team. This ensures longevity in the existing volunteer base.


Many parents choose to enroll their children in private, religious-based schools that may be affiliated with local churches in their community. For this reason, theology degree holders may choose to pursue a career as an educator. Opportunities are available from preschool all the way through the high school level, and those with a background in theology may be chosen above other candidates to teach theology classes to students.

Community outreach coordinator

Most churches do a lot of work in their communities and have strong outreach efforts to give back. In addition, many nonprofit organizations hire outreach coordinators to perform crucial tasks organizing work within the local community. Job responsibilities typically include overseeing fundraising, performing administrative tasks, writing grants and leading various boards and committees. Though many professionals in this role begin as volunteers, degree holders are often in-demand candidates for open positions.

Your Theology Career Begins With Brescia

A theology degree from Brescia University is ideal for clergy, church administrators and volunteers who want to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith or begin a career in the church. The Bachelor of Arts in Theology with Emphasis in Pastoral Studies program is designed to provide high-quality theology courses in topics like the Bible, moral tradition, faith, history, spirituality and vocation. The pastoral studies component of the degree program adheres to the competency expectations of the National Association for Lay Ministry (NALM). BUonline’s theology program is flexible and accelerated, serving as a way for you to prepare for work or further study in seminary. You can learn more about this online degree program here.