5 Careers Outside Politics With a Political Science Degree

A List of Careers Outside of in Political ScienceIf you are looking to enter politics, a political science degree is a natural choice. But with an education in political science, careers in education, business, journalism and law are within your reach.

According to the American Political Science Association (APSA), dozens of careers outside politics exist for people with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Here we highlight five of these careers, along with salary information from PayScale that’s based on nationwide figures from September 2015.

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A journalist works for a print, on-air or online publication to cover stories that occur in a community or topic area, such as sports or entertainment news. The journalist will interview sources, check facts and perform other tasks to write the story.

Political science graduates can feel at home with many elements in journalism. Both disciplines share a focus on writing and communication skills, building sources and taking a close look at an issue or situation. Of course, the two fields can directly combine with journalists who specialize in politics.

Median Pay: $38,030

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Most states require high school students to take a course in American government or civics. In addition to social studies and even history, graduates with a political science degree already have a strong knowledge of these disciplines.

With the proper certification, graduates can pursue a teaching position that will put this knowledge to work. And they can enjoy sharing their passion with the next generation of leaders and voters in the community.

Median Pay: $45,471 (High School Teacher)

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A career counselor helps individuals discover their ideal career. The majority of career counselors work at elementary and secondary schools, with other counselors at the college or junior college level. Some specialize in adults who are considering a career change.

This career can be a strong choice for political science graduates. They can apply their communication skills to facilitate how clients will live out their goals and become satisfied with their career and community.

Median Pay: $41,508

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Across the business world, corporate managers are needed to supervise departments, hire and train employees, and a host of other functions. You’ll find them in human resources, marketing and other areas as well as in higher management positions.

It’s a field that’s complementary to political science studies. Not only do some of the same skills apply — oral and writing, research, analytical, administrative and organizational skills — but graduates will also have an understanding of successful leadership qualities.

Median Pay: $57,175 (Business Manager)

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A city planner improves the quality of life in a community, making changes to parks, buildings and other areas where people work, live and play. This person might determine what type of building can go where, reach out to community leaders to determine how to improve the community and meet the overall needs of an area.

Graduates in political science can feel more at home in city planning than one might expect. By working with advocates, politicians, businesses and residents to create a vision and carry it out, a city planner shares some of the same goals as those in politics.

Median Pay: $56,273

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