Why Choose Political Science at Brescia

This article explains the reasons why you should choose to get a political science degree from Brescia University Online

For those interested in an online political science program, there are several qualifications you want your choice to have. You want to make sure your degree offers real skills and experience that are applicable in today’s quick-paced job market. You also want to ensure that the program is flexible and convenient and can give you the accommodations you need to succeed. The ideal online degree program is perfect for the working student and serves as a great entryway to the career of your choice.

Here are a few reasons why Brescia University online has the political science degree for you:

In-depth Instruction

At the basis of any college degree has to be strong learning and curriculum. This is especially the case at Brescia where instruction is focused on providing a deep understanding of domestic and international politics. It is our goal to show students where they fit into these environments, through strong qualitative and quantitative research skills. Upon graduation, students will be able to convey their extensive political knowledge with robust analytical skills and strong written and oral communication skills.

Career-oriented Curriculum

At Brescia, we understand that today’s job market relies on real skills and experience. We work to equip our students for a wide spectrum of careers. Upon graduation, you will be qualified for jobs in several areas, including:

  • Local, state and federal governments
  • Domestic and international nonprofit organizations
  • Law
  • Business
  • Journalism

Transfer-friendly University

One way to make earning your degree an easier and quicker process is bringing in transfer credits from other schools. Brescia University is happy to accept transfer credits from all regionally accredited schools. Our students can transfer a maximum of 67 credits from a community college and a maximum of 86 credits from a university. We only need your transcripts from previously attended colleges for our consideration.

Collaborative Online Classroom

We have worked very hard to take the collaborative communication that takes place on campus and bring it online. The Brescia online classroom allows for constant communication between instructors and classmates. Several courses include discussions on various class topics to spur better understanding of the concepts being covered. We work to make studying alongside your peers easy, and teamwork is still a crucial part of your academic experience at Brescia.

This is also the case with your professors and instructors. Just because you aren’t in a classroom with them doesn’t mean you will not have access to their knowledge and expertise. Instructors are just a click away and always willing to answer your questions. Gone are annoying office hours. Instructors are now able to help you through the course on your schedule.

Convenient and Flexible Courses

At Brescia, we seek to make our online degree programs the perfect option for working students. Our online classroom is available to students 24/7, 365 days a year. You can access your assignments anywhere and anytime that is best for you. This works well with balancing the various time responsibilities you have. No more rushing to class from work and struggling to find parking. Everything you need is only a click away at BU Online.

Coursework Based on Modern Issues and Concepts

Political science, more so than many degrees, requires current and modern concepts for application after graduation. Students will learn from a curriculum based on current events and how national and international politics work today. Courses range from understanding the government bureaucracy to how modern political research works. Here’s a list of a few courses you’ll be taking:

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • American Government
  • International Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Research Methods

What’s Next

These are just a few of the reasons why Brescia is a great option for your online political science education. Our dedicated admissions staff is ready to tell you more about why BU is a great option for you. Check out the rest of our website and request more information about our program today.