Local Area Teachers Recognized for their Leadership at Crystal Apple Awards

The Crystal Apple Awards were held on April 23 to honor the School of Education cooperating teachers and recognize Clinical Practice Candidates. There were a total of 13 cooperating teachers representing 10 local schools recognized.

This event is part of a 20+ year-old tradition at Brescia to recognize the School of Education community partners . Each year the event has continued to evolve, enhancing both the atmosphere and tokens of appreciation to the current “Crystal evening” event.

“The School of Education mission and Conceptual Framework seek to challenge Brescia University School of Education Candidates to become Professional Educators committed to Ethics, Advocacy, Service, and Lifelong Learning,” stated Dr. Marlaine Chase, Chair, School of Education. “We have identified regional teachers and school systems that embody these same principles and have placed our clinical practice candidates with them. The Crystal Apple Awards was our opportunity to recognize the importance of what these practicing professionals do as clinical faculty for the School of Education.”

Each candidate completes 7-14 weeks with a Cooperating Teacher depending upon what their area of certification is. The Cooperating Teachers model and then co-teach with the candidates as the candidates perform all aspects of their teacher’s professional role during the placement.

The following teachers were recognized for their contribution of time and for their leadership:

Briana Pulliam                  South Hancock Elementary School

Valerie Neville                  Meadow Lands Elementary School

Karen Mallonee                College View Middle School

Lisa Garner                        Apollo High School

Nancy Smith                      Daviess County High School

Amanda Hundley             Tamarack Elementary School

Lora Griffin                        East View Elementary School

Julie Carwile                      Cravens Elementary School

Nicole Martin                    West Louisville Elementary School

Kathryn Harrison              Cravens Elementary School

Susan Bratcher                 Sutton Elementary School

Johnna Gray                      West Louisville Elementary School

Lori Clements                    West Louisville Elementary School

The following candidates were recognized as well:

Blaire Linn                           Outstanding Special Education Clinical Practice Candidate

Alyssa Vincent                   Outstanding Elementary Education Clinical Practice Candidate

Donita Mallory                  Outstanding Secondary Education Clinical Practice Candidate

Sara Morgan                      Sr. George Anne Cecil Leadership Award for Excellence in the Field of Education

Abigail Thomas                  Sr. Sharon Sullivan Endowed Scholarship

For more information on the School of Education, visit www.brescia.edu.