Kentucky Political Science Internships for You

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In a liberal arts field like political science, experience is what counts. Especially if you plan to pursue a career in public policy, government, politics or law, finding political science internships can be a great way to get your foot in the door. And you won’t have to go far to find opportunities: the state of Kentucky has a lot to offer when it comes to internships for political science students. Though competition for some of these positions can be fierce, as an online student you qualify for the same internship opportunities that are available to traditional students. To help you explore your options, we’ve put together a list of some internships you can apply for as a political science student at BUonline.

Senator Jim Bunning Internship Program

This internship gives you the chance to work with Senator Bunning. You’ll be a part of his team for one of two available six-week sessions over the summer.  This opportunity includes financial compensation. You can learn more about the program by emailing Molly Nicol at [email protected].

Governor’s Scholars Program Resident Advisors

College students have the opportunity to serve as resident advisors for the Governor’s Scholars Program. Precedence will be given to applicants who have resident advisor experience in a dormitory or related setting. Students should also have completed one year of college. This internship lasts for six weeks and includes a planning week followed by the five week program. Resident advisors will receive a $2,500 stipend, plus room and board. To apply, visit

Henry Clay Internship in Public Policy

This program includes a six- to eight-week internship in Washington, D.C. Applicants must be currently enrolled as a junior or senior in a Kentucky college. Students complete the internship by working in the office of a member of Kentucky’s congressional delegation or an office of the executive branch. A stipend of $3,000 is included so that students can cover living expenses. You can learn more about this opportunity here.

Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities Frankfurt Spring Internships

This internship includes academic seminars, public policy forums and exposure to the workings of government. Interns work with state legislators and other officials in the “crafting and passing of legislation.” Applicants must be juniors, seniors or graduate students. For more information, visit the AIKCU website here.

Louisville Metro Government’s Office for International Affairs

This government internship is available during the fall, spring and summer. It is open to students who are interested in how Louisville plays a role in the international community and international relations. Interns complete a variety of projects, are involved in both meetings and seminars, and help with administrative work. This internship is unpaid. You can learn more information and access the application here.

Governor’s Office Internship Program

The Office of the Governor is looking for interns to staff the Frankfort capitol offices. All internships are unpaid, and applicants must be available to work 10 hours a week. Students can apply to work in the following departments:

  • Communications
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Constituent Services
  • First Lady’s Projects
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Projects
  • Faith-Based Projects
  • Commission on Women
  • Minority Empowerment
  • Local Development
  • Legal Counsel

To learn more about the Governor’s Office program, visit the website.

Kentucky Legislative Intern Program

The Kentucky General Assembly selects about 24 student interns throughout the state. Interns will work in Frankfurt from December through May, while the General Assembly is in session. Students actively participate in the legislative process and get a firsthand understanding of state government. The program is paid (PDF).

Governor’s Office Internship Program

The Kentucky Office of the Governor regularly offers internships to college and graduate students interested in an experience in the executive department of Kentucky. These unpaid internships involve students working in a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Each department offers its own internship, from communications to the first lady’s projects.

Interested students must complete an application and submit a resume, nonpersonal letter of recommendation and a cover letter. Students who participate are eligible for college credit. Work involves 10 hours a week in Frankfort.

Kentucky State Government Intern Program

The Kentucky State Government co-op/internship program for students to combine their academic studies with real-world experience and on-the-job training. Students can work with a variety of departments or agencies to learn more about how the state government functions and its interactions with citizens.

To apply, students should submit an application and complete the academic credit agreement. Depending on the role, it could be treated like a true full-time job. However, hours and salary depend on department and job responsibilities.

Political Party Internships

Both the Kentucky GOP and the Kentucky Democratic parties will occasionally offer internships for college students. Positions can include areas such as fundraising, research and communications. Interns should pursue positions based on their strengths and interests. These internships are a great chance to understand the internal operations of a political party.

Although these positions are unpaid, they do offer college credit. Further details can be received from respective parties. Successful completion can lead to employment after graduation.

Campaign Internships

During actual political campaigns, it’s common for candidates to offer internships. These typically only involve the smaller state legislature campaigns, but can also include statewide or even national campaigns. Keep an eye out for opportunities with a particular candidate you like, and even take matters into your own hands and contact campaigns yourself. Especially with smaller campaigns, this is a great chance to understand how politics work on the ground level. Most of these opportunities are unpaid but offer the chance for the most amount of actual involvement.

Owensboro Internship Opportunities

Although not always available, there are some great opportunities for students in the Owensboro area. The local government offers positions from time to time, and even the local office of U.S. Congressman Brett Guthrie often offers internships at his Owensboro district office.

A great way to keep abreast of what internships are available in the Owensboro area is Go-iNTERN, an internship site created by the city government. On this site, you will be able to find many available internships and perhaps one that fits you. Check frequently because the opportunities are often updated.

Political Science at BUonline

Though real-world experience is important for your future career, earning your degree is the first step. BUonline’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is designed for students who are looking to make a career out of their interest in government and the law. Our online program gives you a comprehensive background in law, public administration, government and more. Students develop the strong analytical, research and communication skills they need to succeed professionally. You will also gain organizational and leadership skills that are directly applicable to a variety of internship opportunities and careers. Discover how our political science degree can help you meet your professional goals.