13 of the Best Campaign Slogans in History [Infographic]

Don’t underestimate the power of a good campaign slogan. A slogan is the symbol for a presidential candidate, and it serves as a first impression for millions of voters. The prevailing goal is to capture the public’s attention and persuade them to act.

In some cases, slogans have paid off well by pushing the envelope. Through buzzwords, attacks on the opponent or by touching the heartstrings of the public for a particular issue, candidates have capitalized on these opportunities to make a bold point. And the extra attention (normally) doesn’t hurt.

Similar to brand slogans, some presidential hopefuls aim toward humor. After all, you may only have one chance to make your mark on public opinion. If you can do it with comedy, then that could form the effective hook to your campaign.

In this infographic from Brescia University, you can see how the best campaign slogans in history used all of these elements at times. Whether or not they were ultimately effective, they produced some of the most notable one-liners in U.S. history.

The 13 Best Campaign Slogans in History (Infographic)

Download the infographic here.

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