Brescia Seeks Help from Local High School Artists

Each year, Brescia University President, Fr. Larry Hostetter, mails out nearly 500 Christmas cards to alumni, friends, and business partners.  The front cover has previously been a one-of-a-kind, commissioned image.

This year, we would like to begin a new tradition.  We would like to offer our local high school artists the opportunity to create the image that will grace the front cover of the Christmas Card.  There is no real limit to the medium that can be utilized.  The image simply needs to be able to be captured in a format that will facilitate printing.  The only stipulations are 1) that the card must embrace some Brescia University related facet in the image – that could be a building or structure on our campus, our logo, our mission, etc.; and 2) that there be a Christmas flavor to the image.

Submissions are due in PDF format by 4:30 PM, Friday, November 21, 2014.  Submissions may be emailed to [email protected].

The artist creating the image chosen for the card will receive a $1000 Brescia University Scholarship.

Questions may be directed to Kayla Cruse, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  [email protected]