Degree Spotlight: Brescia’s Online Political Science Program

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When it comes to choosing an online political science program, you need to be sure that the degree you earn is applicable to the career you want. In today’s job market, that means that you’ll need real-world skills and a strong background in key areas like law, public administration, government and more. At Brescia University, we offer an online degree program in political science that gives you a comprehensive understanding of these dominant fields within the discipline. Whether you are looking to work in the public, private, domestic or international sectors, our program can prepare you to succeed.

At its core, political science is the study of how individuals and governments relate to one another, as well as which behaviors drive cooperation and which create conflict. It examines the complex processes and parties involved in domestic policymaking as well as international concerns on a global scale.

Real-World Coursework

Our political science degree program consists of 128 credit hours, 57 of which are general education courses. The major subject requirements for our political science program consist of 18 credit hours, and include the following:

Introduction to Political ScienceCampaign Ribbon Icon

This course is a study of the political science field, including topics like the theories and functions of government, the principles of democratic government and the American democratic experience. It also features an overview of authoritarianism and totalitarianism, current governmental systems and problems.

Eagle IconAmerican Government

In this course, you will study the values and principles specific to the American federal system. You’ll also gain an understanding of the role public opinion and the media play in our political process. This course also covers voter participation, political parties and interest groups, governmental institutions and selected issues in public policy.

People Flag IconIntroduction to International Relations

This course focuses in on the international system and various actors operating in it. You’ll become familiar with the central concepts, themes and theories involved in International Relations while exploring the link between theory and practical application.

Government Building IconPublic Administration

This course introduces the concepts and practices related to public administration in the United States. You’ll study topics like the political context of government administration, organizational theory, human resources management, intergovernmental relations, budgetary processes and public service ethics.

Research IconResearch Methods

In this course, you’ll examine the various research methods involved in public administration. Topics include the development of a research hypothesis and design, as well as measuring research variables.

Public Speaking IconSeminar

This capstone course ties together the structure and activities of the political science program. You’ll complete a research project and present your findings at an open forum.

A total of 21 major subject elective hours and 18 related subject elective hours must also be taken in order to complete our political science program. These courses cover important topics in the political science field, such as social issues, comparative government, constitutional law, world civilizations and diversity.

Career-Driven Outcomes

Once you complete the online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree, you will have an in-depth knowledge of domestic and international politics, including your personal role as a citizen of both your country and the world.  Graduates of our political science program are qualified for jobs in areas such as the following:

  • Local, state and federal governmentsabstract politic standing near tribune
  • Domestic and international nonprofit organizations
  • Law
  • Business
  • Journalism

And if you choose to continue your education in a related field, you’ll find you have the background you need for graduate study.

As a result of our rigorous, issues-driven curriculum, you’ll develop the strong analytical, research and communication you need to succeed professionally. You will also gain comprehensive organizational and leadership skills that are directly applicable to a variety of careers. Learn more about how a political science degree from us can put you on track to your career goals.