How to Climb the Corporate Ladder With BUonline

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Business is commonly considered to be a practical career choice that has high job security and will ensure a return on what you invest in education. While this is certainly true in most cases, it is important to note that you have to create your own success in the business world. This involves a variety of strategies and methods that allow you to develop your experience, knowledge and skills. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘climb the corporate ladder,’ but the question most business students have is exactly how to do it. At Brescia University Online, we want our students to have the information they need to make sound career decisions and be successful. To help you along the way to achieving your business goals, we’ve created this guide to climbing the corporate ladder. Read on for tips and tricks to make the most of your job, no matter where you are in your career.

Getting started

The best way to jumpstart your business career and start earning a higher salary faster is by getting an associate degree. Programs like our Associate of Science in Business will qualify you for most entry-level positions. Associate programs provide you with an introduction to business models and modern business practices. You’ll learn how to conduct business in all types of environments, and that is a valuable skill that will help you be competitive in the job market. Some entry-level business jobs you can pursue include the following:

  • Financial assistant
  • Operations analyst
  • Human resources assistant
  • Sales assistant
  • Junior research associate
  • Claims adjustor
  • Retail management trainee

Minimal amounts of previous experience are required for most entry-level business positions, so just having the credential of an associate degree is a great place to start. It will help you stand out from competitors and get hired.

Working your way up

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If you are ready to make the transition from entry-level work to more advanced positions, it’s time to continue your business education with a bachelor’s degree. BUonline offers bachelor’s programs in both business and accounting that will help you get the promotion you are looking for and move into higher level positions. For jobs like these, previous experience is very important. This means that having worked in the business world previously (and pursued an associate degree) will definitely work in your favor. Make sure to note your previous positions and education on your resume so that your experience and knowledge are noted. Job titles in this middle rung of the corporate ladder include the following:

  • Client group supervisor
  • Standards coordinator
  • Promotion specialist
  • Price management analyst
  • Corporate planner
  • Accountant
  • Marketing specialist

A bachelor’s degree in business will allow you to develop your knowledge and previous experience and apply it to more advanced positions. In programs like ours at BUonline, you can even customize your degree to your specific field through elective courses. Adaptability and problem-solving are important components of undergraduate business education that go beyond what you learn in associate programs. With a bachelor’s business program, you’ll strengthen your foundation of knowledge through more advanced coursework.

If you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you are taking the first step to playing an important role in all types of businesses. Plus, with an accounting degree you can also become a certified public account (CPA) after passing the CPA exam. Good bachelor’s programs in accounting teach you the finance and accounting knowledge you need to be employed at the middle and managerial levels. Our accounting degree at BUonline covers relevant topics like management, marketing, accounting principles, information systems and software applications. No matter which sector of the business industry you are interested in, an accounting degree can help you develop the financial savvy you need to advance. You can also boost your credentials by earning an accounting certificate. This is a quicker way to increase your employment opportunities.

The top

When it comes to careers at the management and executive level, more education is key. Earning a master’s degree in business or management can help you edge out the competition and get the promotion you’re looking for. Jobs at this level of business include most positions with ‘manager,’ ‘officer,’ ‘senior’ or ‘consultant’ in the title. A master’s degree in management will enable mid-career professionals like you to enhance their skills and sharpen their knowledge so that they can move up. Case studies and a global perspective are important aspects of quality graduate programs in business, and leadership courses should also be part of the curriculum. At this level of the corporate ladder, you have ample experience and business knowhow. The best way to show that in a tangible way is through an advanced business degree. This credential is often nearly as important as on-the-job experience when it comes to the hiring process.

Everything you need to remember about climbing the corporate ladder can be summed up in this simple equation:

Education + Experience = Success

You may be stronger in one area than the other, but in order to get promotions and achieve your career goals you’ll need to develop both areas of your skill set. Lifelong learning and real-world experience are the best way to advance through the ranks. The combination of work experience and powerful online business degree programs available to you at BUonline can help you be successful.