10 Careers That Help People

For many people, the work you do every day is about more than getting paid. Making a difference in the lives of others is a calling that can be achieved through several types of careers. Maybe you have considered social work, theology, psychology or human services as areas of study. These socially-based career paths provide ample opportunity to help others with the work you do. No matter which of these fields you ultimately choose, you’ll find yourself qualified for a variety of careers that help people.

Human Services

The human services field is perfect for students who want to help others in their careers. One of the most attractive qualities of human services jobs is that you don’t need an advanced degree to begin your career.

Case management aide

These professionals work with disabled, elderly and low-income clients and provide administrative assistance to case managers. In this position, you will screen and interview clients, plan service coordination and enter data. Case management aides work in a variety of settings, including group homes, mental health facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. They are part of clients’ support systems and serve as advocates for them.

Community outreach worker

Community outreach workers play an administrative role in organizations. They coordinate educational programs, training, youth and health services. In this role, you will also work with fundraising and financial support efforts. You’ll likely be employed for by a specific nonprofit organization, often one that is involved with public health. This job also involves managing workshops for staff and volunteers.

Social Work

Careers in social work are dedicated to social justice and empower individuals, families and communities. By addressing social problems, professionals in the social work field aim to create a more functional and humane society. Our bachelor’s degree program in social work qualifies you for employment in many careers, including the following:

Social work assistant careers that help - social work

These professionals work as aides to licensed social workers. They serve clients from many age groups and demographics, including families, the elderly, at-risk youth, and disabled and mentally ill individuals. The work involves advising clients about available assistance, making appointments, following care plans, keeping records and liaising with other health and human services professionals.

Probation officer

Probation officers work one-on-one with people who have committed a crime but aren’t sentenced to jail time. This means that probation officers meet with their clients periodically to monitor their behavior and activities, as well as addressing any risky behaviors. In short, these professionals ensure that the probation requirements set for their clients are met.

Addictions Counseling

This area of social services is dedicated specifically to providing support and education to individuals, families and communities that are suffering from substance abuse and other addictions. The goal is the help others through promoting healthy lifestyles and productive choices.

Substance abuse counselor

These professionals provide confidential counseling sessions to individuals, groups and families. They also educate their clients on the causes and effects of addictions and offer referrals to treatment. Aside from actual counseling sessions, substance abuse counselors also provide education to individuals and groups in the community that are at-risk for substance abuse.

Substance abuse case manager

Case managers help their clients gain access to medical, social, education and other services that help them deal with their addictions. This includes direct interaction and support. In this position, you will assess potential clients to determine their specific needs, develop an individualized care plan, refer clients to the services you deem necessary and monitor their progress.


The field of theology involves providing support to religious individuals. It gives you the chance to help others develop and strengthen their faith, and usually involves both individual and community work. A bachelor’s degree program like ours will prepare you for work as a spiritual guide and source of support.

Missionary careers that help - theology

This type of church professional provides comfort to those who are in hospitals, jails, mental health facilities and other community organizations. They share the biblical message and share their beliefs with others and usually work through a specific church or mission organization. In this role, you educate others while also serving as a spiritual support system.

Youth minister

Youth ministers oversee everything involved with both junior high and high school students in a congregation. They develop and coordinate programs, collaborate with the head pastors and lead worship services for youth. This can also include planning retreats and mission trips. In this role, you will work closely with youth and serve as a support system as well as a source of spiritual guidance.


Careers in psychology are based in a keen understanding of human behavior and development. Positions in this field involve helping others through interpersonal collaboration and communication. Our bachelor’s degree program in psychology qualifies you for many social services careers, including:

Mental health technician

Also known as psychiatric technicians, these professionals help provide care for people who are either mentally ill or developmentally disabled. They admit and discharge patients, monitor vital signs and observe patient behaviors. This role also involves recording patients’ conditions and leading therapeutic activities. In this position, you’ll be part of a team that includes social workers, therapists and other social services professionals.

Career counselors

Career counselors work with people who need help figuring out what career is right for them and which educational path to pursue. They administer personality tests and interest inventories and use the results to help clients get a better idea of what jobs might be a good fit. In this career, you will help clients pick the right schools for their needs and advise them about what courses and programs they should choose.

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No matter which of our social services degrees you decide to pursue, you’ll be qualified for a career that helps others after graduation. Get started with us today and explore your career options. We know that our students want to have successful, meaningful careers. That’s why we offer online degree programs that prepare you for careers dedicated to serving others in your community.