7 Reasons to say “Yes” to an Online Business Degree

online business degree

The pendulum has reversed its course, as the economy is showing major signs of recovery after some tumultuous years of sluggish job numbers and stagnant economic growth. To stay ahead of the employment crunch during these years of much doom and gloom, many professionals made a return to higher education to build their skill set and gain a marketable edge in a tight work force. And, although the noose on the job market is loosening, the value of continued education is still high. If you are deliberating the value of an online business degree for your career, consider the following seven reasons why you should say “yes” to continued education through an online degree.

  1. Business is a practical major for adult learners. Business touches nearly every field and industry in today’s modern economy, giving business degrees practical applications for today’s worker. Current professionals considering continued education as an avenue for general career growth can expect great outcomes from a business degree. It is a practical education choice for professionals looking to gain an edge in business through better job placement and even entrepreneurship.
  2. There are opportunities for specialization with a business degree. Business can be a highly specialized industry. Business majors find career opportunities in finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, management, real estate and more. Core curriculum is designed to cover the gamut of business-related fields and features diverse course offerings that cover a broad range of topics, equating to a comprehensive academic experience.
  3. Employers are looking for the skills earned with a business degree. Today’s employers are looking for that candidate that reads well on paper as well as in the work setting. Employers are looking for highly skilled professionals who are also adept in leadership, communication, critical thinking, team building and more. Business curriculum touches on these skills and provides ample opportunities for students to grow them through their educational experience.
  4. A business degree can get you hired faster. Professionals with a business degree are in a good position in today’s job market. Their diversified skills and business acumen acquired through online business programs is highly sought after in a recovering job market by employers looking to bounce back in a big way.
  5. Businesses are colliding on a global scale: The dawning of the tech age has brought businesses from around the world to the same economic playing field. The interconnectivity of business has helped spur growth and collaboration while also promoting increased and highly technical competition. Businesses around the world seek professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of international business and the power of a connected global workforce. And, many international firms are looking for American business graduates to lead their team.
  6. Online education allows you to keep your day job. Scheduling conflicts are a major road block for many professionals considering continued education. Most undergraduate courses of traditional degree programs are offered during the day when you are at work. And, most night classes are hard to juggle when you’ve been at work all day. Online courses give you the flexibility to log on and sign in when it is convenient for your schedule. Early risers, night owls and weekend warriors can find a time to fit in their coursework.
  7. Financial aid can be applied to online education: If scheduling conflicts haven’t locked you out of the traditional learning platform, the steep costs of higher education might. But, you shouldn’t let the high costs of learning keep you from earning your degree and advancing your career. Financial aid can be applied toward online programs, giving eligible students an affordable outlet to earn their degree. Some online programs are even offered at a lower cost than their traditional counterpart due to the minimized requirements on the school’s resources.

A business degree is the next step in your professional career. Brescia University offers both an associate and bachelor’s degree in business for a direct track towards academic achievement and business success for professionals looking for better job placement and higher earning potential in today’s modern workforce.

Start your education with our associate degree, which provides an introduction into major business concepts and principles. Continue your education with our bachelor’s degree, which will expand your foundation for learning and deliver a well-rounded educational experience. Credits earned through Brescia’s online associate program can be applied to our bachelor’s degree, allowing you to accelerate your education and fast-track your graduation date.