What to Expect from a 4-Year Online Business Program

online business program

From courses to tuition, a quick guide to Brescia University’s degree

An online business program can give you a marketable edge in today’s workforce; however, many adult learners are cautious about taking that first step. Here is a quick guide of what you can expect from Brescia University’s four-year online business degrees, including courses, tuition information and program outcomes.

Online Courses Deliver Diverse Credential

Brescia’s four-year business degree consists of 128 credit hours that include a mix of general education and major-subject requirements. Take a look at the major course requirements for our business degree:

  • Principles of accounting I: This course provides an introduction to financial accounting, which focuses on the preparation of accounting information for users outside the business entity.
  • Principles of accounting II: Students continue their introduction to financial accounting and are introduced to managerial accounting, which focuses on the preparation and use of accounting information by management.
  • Introduction to software applications: General workplace operations are reliant on various software applications for efficiency. This course provides an introduction to the Windows operating system and business software applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database software.
  • Business law: This course delivers an overview of basic law principles related to business, including the history and operation of the law, the law of contracts and other segments of business-related law.
  • Business statistics: Gain a broader understanding of statistical principles that are used in business, including frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability and probability distributions, sampling, estimation, statistical quality control, quantitative decision making, hypothesis testing, correlation analysis, regression analysis and non-parametric statistics.
  • Management information systems: This course gives students insights into the information needs existing in the business environment and arms you with the tools to plan, design and implement a system to meet those needs.
  • Business policy: This course is a capstone case course that focuses on integrating the various functional areas of business into one final project.
  • Economic concepts II: Gain an introduction to the functions of economic systems. An emphasis is placed on decision making by individuals and firms in a market economy.
  • Financial concepts: This course provides a first look into complex financial concepts related to business, including financial analysis and planning, working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital and sources of capital.
  • Management concepts: Examine management principles focused on a central core of planning, organizing, directing, controlling and staffing.
  • Marketing concepts: Discover marketing principles focused on product, price, place and promotion.

Adult learners can transfer previously earned credits from a regionally accredited school by submitting all transcripts to our enrollment team for consideration. Credits earned through Brescia’s online associate degree in business program can be applied toward our online bachelor’s degree. Students seeking out a graduate program after graduation can enroll in our online Master of Science in Management.

Financial Aid Reduces the Cost of Online Education

Many adult learners hold off on their educational goals due to concerns about cost; however, financial aid can help limit the financial burden often associated with higher education. Brescia University offers competitive tuition rates for all undergraduate online programs. In fact, the undergraduate tuition rate for our online programs is $385 per credit hour. We accept all forms of financial assistance, including federal, state, organizational and other forms of financial aid, such as scholarships, loans and grants. Financial aid can be applied to the cost of tuition as well as living expenses during your undergraduate years.

Before you apply to our online business degree program, you should file for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using Brescia’s unique school code, which is 001958. Our admissions and financial aid staff will work with eligible students to build robust financial aid packages that make college more affordable and achievable.

Program Goals Aim at Success in Business

Our business program is designed with the adult student in mind in an effort to promote a more valuable academic experience. Program core requirements provide a broad business knowledge base and elective courses allow you to specialize your degree program toward a field of interest for targeted career success.

Career opportunities for the Brescia business graduate are on the rise due to the versatility and value of a business degree in today’s workforce. Graduates can expect to earn between $45,000 and $80,000 annually depending on career specialization, location and experience level.

Brescia University’s business degree is a versatile credential that will power you toward new career opportunities in an increasingly competitive business environment.