8 Unique Jobs You Can Get with an Online Business Degree

Think outside of the box when planning your next career move

An online business degree can open a world of opportunities for you after graduation. A business degree is a versatile credential that can be used to land almost any career in this diverse field. Think outside of the box when planning your next career move by earning a business degree online from Brescia University. Read more to discover just some of the unique jobs you can get with a degree.

Corporate ConciergeNo two days on the job of a corporate concierge are quite alike. Hired to manage and facilitate an executive’s busy schedule, a corporate concierge must handle a variety of personal and business-related needs to help keep the executive in go-mode. The corporate concierge is tasked with it all, from arranging cross-continental business meetings to making dinner reservations at an exclusive hot spot. Executives are looking for professionals with excellent communication, organizational and critical thinking skills with business experience. A business degree provides you with an edge among a saturated candidate pool.

Development directorThe operational efforts of non-profit organizations largely depend on the generosity of others, including individual donors and large corporations. Business professionals with a knack for building relationships, raising funds and developing strategic operation plans are the ideal candidate for the position of a development director. A business degree is an essential credential as it delivers many needed skills to be effective in this position, including leadership, communication, critical thinking and more.

Digital marketing managerTraditional marketers are losing touch with the needs of today’s clients. Digital marketers are using technology to give their client’s face time with consumers and are turning the Internet into a viable sales tool. Digital marketing encompasses search engine optimization, digital sales, mobile advertising and more. These marketing professionals develop strategy around this new medium for a more effective and cheap way to reach target audiences. Tech savvy business professionals are needed to drive this new marketing initiative.

Fashion merchandise buyerCreative, trendy and savvy individuals should consider a career as a fashion merchandise buyer. These professionals work for retailers to help determine what type of fashions a store will carry each season. Buyers will visit manufactures, attend fashion shows and speak directly to consumers to learn what is on trend. Most fashion merchandise buyers have a business degree and work as an assistant for many years before taking on a senior role.

Financial advisorPeople looking to make sound investments for their future often turn to a financial advisor to help guide them and their money. Financial advisors give their clients data, information and advice to make solid investment decisions through tactical research, consistent analysis of the markets and frequent conversations with clients. Job prospects are strong for this profession with the BLS reporting a 32 percent growth in employment through 2020. Professionals in this field need a business-related degree for job placement as well as career training.

Health insurance specialistChanges to the nation’s health care system are driving demand for qualified and astute health insurance specialists to navigate a complex market for patients, medical providers and insurance companies. Health insurance specialists process medical claims, handle medical coding and maintain patient records. Most specialists work in a medical setting such as hospitals, physician offices or senior care facilities while others may be employed on the other side of the industry working directly with the insurance provider. They will work with medical providers to examine insurance eligibility, review claims for coding or processing errors and issue bills. Some will work directly with patients to help them better understand their benefits. There are various certificates you can earn to boost your credentials and skills. A business degree provides a solid foundation for continued learning.

Real estate agentThe housing market is up, and both sellers and buyers are making off with great housing deals. The BLS reports an 11 percent employment increase for real estate agents through 2020, and that number could grow based on continued growth in the real estate market. Salary is dependent on commissions. As such, real estate agents must be willing to put in a lot of leg work to make the deal. Real estate agents must be savvy marketers, financiers and business persons for success in the market. A business degree will provide a comprehensive study in all of these major business sectors.

Wedding plannerEvery bride wants her wedding to be a memorable, one-of-a-kind event; however, the stress of planning for her big day can be overwhelming for an amateur. Wedding planners are professionals at pulling these events together on time and within budget. According to the BLS, more than 10 percent of couples work with a planner for their special day. There are several professional associations you can join to build a network of vendors, sit in on workshops and seminars for professional development and gain needed clientele. While some wedding planners work for larger event planning companies, most are their own boss. Understanding the inner workings of business and how to operate your own business is essential to your success.

The career options are endless for graduates with a business degree. Consider one of these or other unique careers when you earn a business degree.