5 High Paying Entry Level Business Jobs for Graduates

5 High Paying Entry Level Business Jobs for Grads

Online business degrees give you a leg up in the workforce

Entry level jobs can be a platform for future career success. Often the first step in a long career, they are where you cut your teeth in the real world and provide an outlet to explore varied career paths and discover your real interests for future career satisfaction. If you are seeking a versatile degree with tremendous potential in a competitive workforce, consider a degree in business. Brescia University offers several online business programs that give you leverage in the job market.

From Entry Level to Corner Office

Many of today’s top business professionals got their start in an entry-level business job and worked their way to the top of the organizational hierarchy. Here are some top entry-level jobs our graduates can seek in today’s competitive job market to start their business career.

Business technology analyst

Information technology help businesses operate smarter, more efficiently and more profitably. Professionals with an understanding of the integration of business and technology as well as basic business operations are sought by employers who are looking for ways to integrate technology and increase their productivity through more streamlined processes, optimized usage of current resources and strategic investments in new resources. Business technology analysts will help lead these efforts through their acquired acumen. According to PayScale.com, an entry-level business technology analyst earns a median annual salary of nearly $70,000. Degrees in business, information technology or computer science are preferred for this position.

Investment banking analyst

Finance is a hot field for recent graduates, and a top paying, entry-level job is as an investment banking analyst. Using industry research, financial data and a bit of persuasion, investment banking analysts advise individuals and institutions on investment decisions. Entry-level analysts will work long hours; however, you will gain valuable industry experience. According to PayScale.com, an investment banking analysts earns a median annual salary of more than $69,000. A bachelor’s degree in business or finance is preferred for this position.

Pharmaceutical sales representative

Sales is often saturated with recent college graduates looking for a lucrative job. The rapid acceleration of the health care industry is opening a new line of sales positions for the business graduate—pharmaceutical sales. These professionals meet with physicians and provide product information and samples to encourage them to prescribe their drugs. They also monitor current prescribing patterns within the region to plan effective sales strategies. PayScale.com reports the median annual salary is nearly $53,000. Like many sales positions, pharmaceutical sales is largely based on commission, so salary ranges are highly dependent on the level of ambition and groundwork you put toward the career.

Advertising manager

Business savvy professionals with a creative spark may find tremendous career satisfaction in the world of advertising. Advertisers work with clients to promote their products and services as well as their overall brand. Professionals in this field often manage team members to produce materials for delivery, including television commercials, websites, brochures, print advertisements and more. Today’s tech boom and integration of social media is pushing these professionals to think beyond the traditional formats of advertising and promotion to support sales. Advertising managers must be able to multitask and meet hard deadlines. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for advertising managers is more than $80,000. Business degrees with a specialization in marketing or advertising are preferred in this competitive field.

Insurance sales agent

Another hot sales field is in insurance, and, the recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act is pushing market demand for insurance agents who specialize in health insurance. You can specialize in other types of consumer-based insurance such as life, property, casualty, automotive and more. Most entry-level insurance sales agents work with companies; however, many later choose to become independent brokers once they build a solid customer base. The annual median salary of an insurance sales agent is nearly $47,000. As with most sales positions, many insurance sales jobs are commission based. A bachelor’s degree in business with a sales focus is preferred in this career.

It is important to note that many salaries vary on location and skill level. The above data was based on national median numbers.

Entry level jobs can provide you with the leverage needed for greater opportunities and career growth in the future, and a business degree is essential to getting these high-paying jobs. Our graduates are immersed in diverse curriculum that provides you with a well-rounded business skill set, giving you career flexibility upon graduation.

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