Celebration of Excellence

Following the Honors Convocation on Sunday, April 28, a Celebration of Excellence was held in the Campus Center. The Celebration of Excellence is hosted by the Honors Program at Brescia and is a forum for students and their faculty advisors to receive public recognition for their work. There were ten oral presentations and 15 poster presentations.

The Best Oral Presentation went to Laura Wygant, medical technology major. Her presentation was on Anorexia nervosa. Her faculty sponsor was Linda Girouard, Ph.D. An abstract of her presentation is below.

Anorexia nervosa can be caused by the psychological factor (society’s ideal of body image), the biological factor (neurological and hormonal), by other diseases such as depression or perfectionism, or by a combination of these factors. Anorexia was once related to religious practices such as Buddhism. A major media influence on anorexia is pro-anorexia websites. The websites show tips to hide the disease. An example of tips shared for weight loss is the use of nail growth polish to prevent the nails from becoming brittle and showing malnourishment. The possible major biological system related to anorexia is the serotonin system. Also, NET may be one of the first genes to be related to Anorexia nervosa. Perfectionism is one of the major diseases that is related to anorexia. People want to prove they are the best and push it to the next level and end up with the disorder. It is fairly difficult to diagnose AN since the patient is in such denial of the disorder and usually refuses medical treatment. Therapy is a major treatment technique for anorexics. Family therapy seems to be the most effective. The hope for this disorder is it has emerged to the public’s eye and now physicians are taking it seriously. Doctors are looking into the biological aspects of this disorder and one day may find a biological cure for anorexia.

The Best Poster Presentation went to  LeAnne Myers, art major. Her presentation was The Grimm Brothers’ ceramics. Her faculty sponsor was Ellen Dugan-Barrette, Ph.D. An abstract of her presentation is below.

I have read the Grimm Brothers fairy tales and have chosen three stories to correspond with three ceramic pieces. I have created three iconic symbols from each story, along with a synopsis of the tale and my project.

Myers' ceramic pieces depicting three Grimm Brothers' stories.

Myers’ ceramic pieces depicting three Grimm Brothers’ stories.