Make a Difference With an Associate of Arts in Human Services Degree

Degree positions graduates for career helping others

Many people grow up with a passion for helping others, and they desire a career devoted to making a difference in the lives of people in need, whether they struggle with emotional or physical issues. An Associate of Arts in Human Services can assist you in fulfilling your passion for serving others by helping you reshape your career or discover new opportunities in the field of social services.

A Diverse and Growing Field

A variety of at-risk populations depend on social services to ensure their safety and well-being, including the elderly, children and victims of domestic abuse. In these instances, social service professionals step in to assess the situation and living environment and help to correct the situation through a variety of outcomes. However, hard economic conditions often cause an influx of individuals to seek out the help of social service agencies, causing a greater demand for these professionals. In these cases, individuals request social services to help cope with and overcome issues that these stressful times often magnify. Earning an Associate of Arts in Human Services can position you for a career assisting those who need social services to put their life back on track. Career opportunities include:

  • Case manager: Job growth for this profession is expected to hit 23 percent by 2018, creating vast opportunities for people to enter this field. Case managers are trained to operate in diverse settings, including group homes, rehabilitation centers and outpatient clinics. They help to provide patients with essential needs, including housing, transportation and support.
  • Social worker assistant: Social work is a growing field, with projections estimating a 13 percent growth in employment by 2018. Social work assistants support the efforts of social workers or supervisors in serving their patients and providing them with care. They may assist with patients’ financial needs, family issues and medical needs.