Earn an Associate Degree in Human Services for New Opportunities

Two-year degree gears grads toward a new career or a bachelor’s degree

During turbulent economic times, like those millions of Americans are experiencing nationwide, increased stress can magnify personal issues and financial woes, causing many to seek the assistance of professionals trained to help people cope and overcome these personal afflictions. People who have a calling to reach out and help others in need should consider earning an Associate Degree in Human Services to discover a new and rewarding career path as a social worker.

Answer Your Calling and Discover a Career in Public Service

A career in public service can be challenging but is often very rewarding for professionals who have a passion for assisting populations in need. Social workers have various job responsibilities, and they never have a typical workday. In general, social workers aim to assist people dealing with serious issues in their daily lives, including relationship problems with family, friends or significant others. Other social work responsibilities include serving people who have disabilities or social problems such as drug and alcohol addictions, unemployment, insufficient housing or domestic abuse. Many social workers initiate research to solve larger social issues facing a particular group of people, and they serve as an advocate for patients and communities as a whole by working with government leaders on policy development.

The social work field is complex, and many agencies and organizations require their staff members to hold at least a bachelor’s degree to practice as a social worker. A master’s degree is typically the industry standard for this field. An Associate Degree in Human Services is a solid two-year degree that gears students toward a career in social work. Many agencies and organizations hire professionals who have an associate degree to fill assistant positions. Assistants support social workers’ efforts to provide services to patients. An associate degree also serves as a solid foundation for students who have a desire to continue their education and earn advanced degrees in social work, including a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.