Online Associate Degree in Human Services Puts Students in Touch With Those in Need

Graduates discover meaningful careers helping others

In the professional world, the term “human services” is relatively broad and could encompass a variety of professions that all share a common theme: serving and assisting vulnerable populations with finding a sense of security and comfort. In addition to having a calling to serve others in a meaningful way, professionals in this field must possess personality traits such as compassion, patience and kindness. Earning an online Associate Degree in Human Services opens the door to a variety of professions in which serving others is the top priority.

The Shape of an Online Associate Degree in Human Services

Students enrolled in an online associate degree program receive training in various applications relevant to the human services field, including administration, counseling, management, planning, grant writing and research. Student will also work to enhance their communications skills to effectively engage and serve patients. Many programs require students to participate in an internship program to garner real-world experience in this field.

The online Associate Degree in Human Services can also serve as a platform for advanced degrees in social work, psychology, theology or integrated studies, preparing students with a solid foundation of these core areas.

Career Outlook for Human Service Professionals

Professionals who earn an online Associate Degree in Human Services largely find work in the fields of social assistance and health care in positions such as social workers, case managers, substance abuse workers, child welfare workers and more. Human service professionals discover positions in all sectors of the workforce, including government, public, private and nonprofit sectors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nearly 23 percent job growth for this profession through 2018, which is much faster than other occupations in this economy. The average salary of a human service professional ranges between $30,000 and $50,000 depending on the position, level of education and years of experience.

Public service is a noble profession; however, it is not for everyone. Earning an Associate Degree in Human Services online prepares students with the skills necessary to advance in a career serving others.