Graduates Discover Rewarding Career With Bachelor of Social Work

Down economy pushes many into field of public service

Times are tough for most people. A slowly recovering economy and a stagnant job market have made meeting day-to-day needs difficult for many people. In these times, people are inherently more willing to support one another and search for ways to care for those facing daunting times. As such, many people are flocking to public service careers so they can help their communities. A Bachelor of Social Work can position graduates for a rewarding career in public service, assisting those who have the deepest of struggles.

The Nature of Social Work

The social work profession can be challenging, but professionals often experience great rewards when they do their job well. The needs of social work clients range in severity and duration and can include divorce, unemployment, mental and physical illness, chemical dependency and domestic abuse. Client demographics range from children to the elderly from every race, religion or culture. Social workers must be comfortable communicating with diverse clients in a number of challenging situations with the goal to help these clients cope with and overcome their issues.

A Bachelor of Social Work positions graduates for entry-level positions within a variety of settings, including agencies, private corporations, schools, nursing homes and other nonprofit organizations. Most advanced level social work positions require a master’s degree. Students can often find work after graduating with their bachelor’s degree, and employers sometimes assist with tuition reimbursement for their continued education efforts. Job growth within this field is projected to be strong at 22 percent through 2016. Social work professionals serving the elderly, children and those suffering from substance abuse addictions will see the greatest potential for employment in the next few years. Salary ranges depend on social workers’ industry and field and also on their geographic location.

Social work is a noble profession that society greatly needs, especially during tough economic times. People who have a passion for serving others are best suited for this challenging career option.