Earn a Bachelor of Social Work Online for a Meaningful Career

Students find affordable program, flexible courses at Brescia University

When life throws someone a curve ball, social workers can step in and help these individuals and families cope with their issues, including social, personal, medical and mental health problems, through counseling and treatment. The career path of social workers can contain many challenges and setbacks; however, the rewards of helping someone achieve a sense of balance in their life attract individuals to this profession. Individuals seeking careers as social workers can earn their Bachelor of Social Work online from Brescia University.

Career Outlook for a Social Worker

Social workers spend their careers serving to improve the lives of individuals struggling with a variety of issues that hinder their lives, including disabilities, disease, domestic violence and social problems such as substance abuse, unemployment or housing inadequacies. Social workers may also be responsible for research, policy development and advocacy, and they may specialize to serve a particular population, including children or the elderly.

The job outlook for social workers is expected to grow faster than the national average for all occupations through 2018. The specialized field of children and family social workers is expected to grow by 12 percent, while the demand for mental health and substance abuse social workers is expected to grow by 20 percent. Medical and public health social workers should see a 22 percent growth through 2018. Another growing specialization is with aging populations who will need more health and social services.

Education Requirements

Those seeking a career in social work must hold a bachelor’s degree to enter the field. Brescia University offers students the opportunity to earn their Bachelor of Social Work online, allowing them to customize their degree program to fit their schedule. Many social workers go on to earn their master’s degree so they can pursue advanced positions in clinical work and work in schools and the health industry. Often the clinical work done by professionals can spawn further interest in healthcare and nursing programs. Brescia’s online Bachelor of Social Work acts as a foundation for advanced degrees.