The Versatility of a Liberal Arts Associate Degree

Now, more that ever, a college education opens new doors to a more successful career, that otherwise would remain closed. All jobs require a high school education, but in order to be noticed in a stack of applications, or to be considered ‘employable’, a college education is definitely a must. Those who posses a Liberal Arts degree tend to experience higher marketability as employers look for versatility, multi-field skill set and readiness for a responsibility-based position.From the beginning of a college career, the focus is placed on selecting a future career path. The choice in not always easy, as there are plenty of majors to choose from, ranging from Biology to Marketing to Business, but most students who have high aspirations rely on the versatility of a Liberal Arts associate degree.

An associate in liberal arts is comprised of an established curriculum of general education requirements and electives. Foundational courses like Math, Science and Humanities are required no matter which major you decide on later in the program.

That is why the versatility of a Liberal Arts associate degree allows you to then enter a Bachelor’s program or jump into a career knowing that you can offer the employer a flexible, but solid educational background. If you decide to go back to school later on, you simply pick up where you left off.

When you graduate with an online Liberal Arts Associate degree at a reputable schools such as Brescia University, you are confident that you have established a great knowledge foundation and all the basics are out of the way. Taking courses online allows you to do your schoolwork around your schedule of work and family, and you can accelerate your studies at your own pace. Online courses also allow you to have interaction with the teacher and the other students through forums, chat or email, 24 hours a day.

Studying online empower you to be your own boss! Research can be accomplished, videos watched, and assignments completed all on your own time schedule. An online associate degree in liberal arts is a beautiful thing! It is an effective way to complete your basic education so that you can move on with your major or with employment that recognizes your solid yet flexible educational core.