Why do I need a college education?

More and more jobs are now requiring a college degree to work effectively in a desired field. Even jobs that were once considered low-skilled labor now require a degree from a university or college in order to even apply. So if you’re wondering “Why do i need a college education in my job?”, know that a degree provides as much knowledge in two or four years as others would acquire in ten or twenty years of hard work.And the good news is that you don’t have to commit to the entire four year of college at once or to attending classes on campus every day. Colleges focused on adult learners, like Brescia University in Kentucky, offer associate degrees entirely online, to help you achieve your goals one step at the time, in a flexible and affordable manner.

A college degree also means better earning potential. A person with an associate degree is likely to bring in almost 3 times the amount of those without a degree. This is not considering the fact that many jobs that don’t require a college education also don’t offer benefits. This difference in benefits can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss by the time you reach retirement.

Education isn’t just important for you but also for the future of your family. Your children will be more likely to strive for a college education if you have one. This means that they will most likely have a brighter future just because you set the right example and worked hard to earn a degree.

You can find many excuses to not return to school and get a degree. But no excuse is good enough, especially when you can learn from home or office. Even if you have children or a hectic work schedule you can always work education into your life.

Online degree programs offered at accredited universities like Brescia University provide you unlimited access to your teachers as well as allowing you to study when you have time. You should do this for your own financial security and for your children. Enrollment is quick and straight forward. Before you know it, you will be a college graduate!