Human Services Specialists

An Associate of Arts in Human Services degree program prepares students for a career as an assistant social worker or human services specialist. Human services specialists provide valuable social services to people in need. This is a career for anyone who enjoys helping people in crisis. There are a variety of career positions that are available including: community health worker, life skills support counselor, client advocate, community outreach worker or as a social services assistant. A career in social services often starts with entry level positions. To qualify for these positions an Associate Degree in Human Services is the key to building future success.

Human services help people in crisis recover their quality of life by connecting them to needed resources such as mental health counseling, youth counseling or life skills counseling. Human services specialists provide assistance to men, women and children who have temporarily lost their place in society.

Clients are provided social services that involve drug and substance abuse counseling, food stamps, low cost healthcare services including Medicaid and help with transportation and welfare. Human services specialists often work with halfway houses to help individuals recover from substance abuse with crisis interventions that include empathetic emotional support.

The Associate of arts degree program in Human Service offers a unique opportunity for graduates to begin a career with unlimited growth potential while providing much needed social services.

Human Service Specialists assist people in transition to find what they need to successfully re-establish their self-sufficiency. Each client is assigned a case worker and their situation is assessed and evaluated to determine their needs, set goals and implement recovery strategies.

People who earn an Associate degree in human services play a valuable role in the communities they serve. With superior knowledge and skills acquired during their degree program, they will be equipped to touch the lives of many people changing them for the better in various ways by providing emergency shelter, referrals to low cost government assisted housing and food through the use of food banks.

Human Service is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice because it enables people who are in crisis to receive emotional, financial or social support that they desperately need. If you are passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world, look into an associate degree in Human Services. We would love to welcome you at Brescia University, as we also offer this degree which is entirely online.