Brescia University: Associate Degree Programs

Brescia University, a beautiful Catholic school located in Kentucky, was founded in 1950 and offers many education opportunities for those seeking to earn a college Associate degree at a school dedicated to the Catholic faith. Students who attend Brescia enjoy convenient online or in-person courses, accelerated learning programs to help get their degree quickly and competitive tuition backed by financial aid for those who qualify.Do you have a job that requires you to work during the day? Or, do you have kids that need your attention?

Then Brescia’s online programs are perfect because they allow you the flexibility to study on your own time. Brescia excels in blending the tradition of a Catholic college with academic standards that are recognized and valued by all stake holders.

Brescia offers three online associate degree programs in business, liberal arts or human services, and earning any one of them will help you get a job with higher average pay than those without any degree. For example, with an Associate degree in business from Brescia, you’ll be qualified to work as a bookkeeper, salesperson or administrative assistant. Alternatively, an online Associate degree in human services will prepare you for entry-level positions in the field of social work, psychology and biology.

The benefits of earning your degree online at Brescia are that you learn in a highly collaborative environment using the latest technology and pedagogical methods, have immediate help from your teacher if you have questions in class, and meet other Catholic online students like yourself to work with as you all earn your degrees.

Another great fact about earning a Brescia Associate degree is that credits earned can be transferred at a later date to a Bachelor degree. So if you have aspirations to get your Bachelor’s, or even Master’s degree but don’t yet have the time or money to fully dedicate to a college career, earning your Associate’s degree will put you half way to earning your Bachelor degree at a later date.

If you’re Catholic and want to ensure that you’re receiving an education rooted in Catholic traditions, Brescia University will be a great fit.