Brescia STARS: Where Catholic Faith Meets Excellence

Brescia University, a Catholic College in Kentucky, has recently unveiled its Success Tracks for Adults Returning to School or STARS program. We are all aware that adults returning to school face problems with school scheduling and high tuition rates. STARS’ mission is to attend to the unique needs of this segment of learners.

This program features non-traditional scheduling, online classes and competitive tuition rates which makes learning accessible to all.Unlike most traditional college students who attend college right out of high school most adults who return to college have obligations such as full time jobs and families. Scheduling college around these obligations can be almost impossible.

Brescia University offers both non-traditional scheduling and online classes through its STARS program. Classes are offered in the evenings and weekends, times which work much better for an adult with a full time job than the traditional 8 AM classes times. Online classes offer even more flexibility, allowing students to attend class anytime, anywhere they have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

Brescia offers a wide variety of programs through STARS including Associate degrees in Business, Liberal Arts and Human Services; Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work, Theology and Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Management.

Degrees offered through our STARS Program are affordable. Regular (on-campus) part time tuition is $510 per credit hour, but STARS students are offered a special rate of $350. Brescia also offers opportunities for financial aid, employee tuition reimbursement programs, and workforce investment funds.

Brescia University’s financial aid department is fully equipped to help students apply for financial aid. Students who have been away from school and in the workforce for a while may need some extra help getting back into the swing of things and Brescia’s financial aid experts are there to help.

Brescia University introduced its STARS program to help adults further their careers and education. With non-traditional scheduling, online classes and competitive tuition rates this Catholic College in Kentucky makes learning accessible to all, regardless of their faith, ethnicity or background.