Best Paying Associate Degree Jobs

Going to a traditional four-year college is the right choice for everyone. However, you might not have the time or money to spend the next four years going to school. Fortunately, many colleges are offering associates degrees as the best stepping stones, so you can save some money and start working sooner.

There are many associate degrees that lead to jobs available with a nice salary.The beauty of earning an associate degree before deciding what professional path you really want, is that you get you feet wet, gain valuable fundamental knowledge and skills applicable to any profession, and have the complete flexibility of choosing your future profession on your own terms.

Here are 5 top paying jobs for people how earned an associate degree:

1. Dental Hygienists: The starting pay for a dental hygienist is about $38,000 per year, but with more experience after working awhile, you could end up making up to $70,000 annually. There are many job opportunities in this field, as it is one of the fastest growing occupations available.

2. Radiation Therapists: Radiation therapists work with oncologists and radiologists to offer radiation treatments to cancer patients. With this degree, you will be able to work in doctor’s offices or hospitals to help patients with cancer. The average salary for a radiation therapist is $66,200 per year and they get up to $35.00 per hour.

3. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer: This will qualify you to perform ultrasounds as long as you are under the supervision of a doctor. When you graduate with an Associates degree in this field, you possess the necessary skills to operate as entry-level diagnostic medical sonographers. The average salary is around $58,000.

4. Nuclear Technicians: This includes instruction in basic nuclear physics and nuclear engineering. A nuclear technician will also receive training in monitoring and safety procedures, handling and disposing of radioactive materials, equipment maintenance and operation, and keeping records. The median pay is $65,000.

5. Computer Specialists: This degree prepares students to operate technical, hands-on positions or assistance in the industry of computers. Associate graduates aid with the technical part of the technology systems of a business and help in troubleshooting or technical support with computers. The average yearly salary is just under $70,000.

With the economy today, you never know if you will be able to get a job when you graduate. Associate degree jobs are obtainable if you get the necessary training and schooling needed in the desired field.

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