2 Year Degrees Can Prepare You To Achieve

Going for your associate degree is an introduction to college and a great start on your path to achievement. Just like a 4 year degree, 2 year degrees require a high school diploma or a GED as a minimum requirement. This degree can either be used to learn a profession, or as a jumping off point to get your Bachelor’s degree. Just like a Bachelor’s degree, there are hundreds of different areas of focus that you can pick out.One of the other things that is good about an Associate degree, especially if you are planning on moving on later to a Bachelor’s degree, is that your credits always transfer to the same college, and often transfer to your new school. Many of the classes you have already taken will allow you to not have to repeat classes toward your major, or even general studies required classes.

An Associates degree is getting more and more popular as people often need take time off after college and between degrees. It can prepare you for a 4 year college, and also help you get in to a school once you apply. If your grades are good at a two year school you have a much better chance of getting in your preferred bachelor’s program, regardless of your high school record. It shows a willingness to do the work required for a bachelor’s degree.

There are a number of different focuses that can be utilized at a 2 year school. An Associate’s of Arts and/or Science are all broad degrees that can be used to work toward your major at a 4 year school. There is also the option to use your 2 year degree as a professional certificate for a specific job such as office assistant, human services clerk, nursing, criminal justice, or many others.

2 year degrees can prepare you for your life ahead and drive you towards achieving your goals, whether that life consists of continuing education or jumping directly to a job. Preparing yourself by getting an associate degree can be the best decision of your life.