Pursuit of Online Associate Degrees

Online associate degree programs are encouraging students in the pursuit of associate degrees. With traditional on-campus associate degree programs, many students find themselves limited by rigid class schedules and conflicting obligations at work and at home, by their locations or by high program costs. Students who have been discouraged from pursuing higher education as a result of these limitations are now finding themselves motivated to succeed with the advantages of online programs. Students frustrated with the scheduling demands of traditional courses may find that they are able to successfully enroll in and attend online courses without sacrificing their work or family time. Online programs are more flexible because they allow students to attend class and submit coursework electronically.

Some courses may require students to meet online at set times either regularly or occasionally, but most online courses are much more flexible than classes that meet at set times on college campuses. Online students are usually able to attend class and submit coursework when their personal schedules allow.

Students who do not live in convenient locations for attending classes at the physical location of college campuses do not have to make the difficult choice to commute or move in order to pursue their degree. Instead, they can choose to attend their associate degree program online. Students of online programs are able to attend class from any distance with the right tools. Online programs often require computer and Internet access, email and basic Internet skills, and microphones or headsets for communication. However, they do not require the physical presence of their students’ on campus.

Students who want to combat the high costs of education while earning their associate degrees often choose online programs to save on commuting and relocation fees. They may also save on tuition because online programs do not incur the expenses of classroom or campus spaces.

Students are motivated to succeed with online associate degree programs — not discouraged by inflexible scheduling, distance from campus, or high costs of attendance. Convenient scheduling for online course attendance, electronic rather than physical campuses, and fewer costs of attendance all encourage students to pursue associate degrees online.