New Education Master’s Degree

Brescia University is happy to announce a new degree offering beginning summer 2011. The Master of Science in Teacher Leadership (MSTL) was recently approved by the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).

This 33 credit-hour degree is designed to equip professional educators with the skills necessary to become master teachers and instructional leaders in public and private schools. It is ideal for teachers who are passionate about making a difference in education. A key feature of this program is the integration of theory, research, and practice.

In the MSTL program, candidates will learn about their leadership styles, prepare to leverage the latest research to guide their educational decisions, and lead with greater confidence in their classrooms and in their community. The focus of the program is on equipping participants to work with all students in an inclusive classroom setting. Much of what is learned is immediately applicable to classroom settings as teachers investigate problems of practice and conduct action research in their own classrooms. The program can be completed in two years or at the candidate’s own pace.

For more information about this degree, contact Dr. Patricia Akojie at 270-686-4200 or [email protected].